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Coachella Outfits That Will Turn Heads

What do flower crowns, dream catchers, and brightly colored kaftans all have in common? Coachella!  Ah, yes… Coachella, the music festival that outperforms almost every other music festival in America.

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White Kaftans

Maybe you think white clothes are meant for things like weddings, hospitals, or making those sheet ghosts. Or maybe white seems like a color you only wear during the summer.

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Bear Hoodie

Winter has officially arrived, and that means it’s time to bust out your cold-weather wardrobe, don't you agree? It’s time to get those bulky sweaters, puffy coats, sweater dresses, fuzzy...

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Reinventing The Kaftan Modern Look

Kaftans are more versatile than you may have initially thought but we understand why. Before Kaftko, most kaftans were made exclusively for women and were mostly marketed as bathing suit...

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Beach Wear

THE BEST KAFTAN DRESSES FOR BEACH WEAR Kaftko has redefined the Kaftan dress as we know it, and missing the opportunity to have this gorgeous, eye-grabbing garment in your beach...

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Beach Cover Ups

YOUR NEW FAVORITE, FABULOUSLY FREEING, SWIMSUIT COVER UPS Picture this: You have just woken up in your hotel room on a beach vacation. You eat a quick breakfast, gulp some...

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Camp Collar Shirts

THE BEST KAFTAN CAMP COLLAR SHIRTS Elvis Presley. John F. Kennedy. Martin Luther King Jr. Gigi Hadid. What do all of these people have in common? Their love for the...

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