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Reinventing The Kaftan Modern Look

Reinventing The Kaftan Modern Look

What comes to mind when you hear the word, “kaftan?” Maybe you think of a beach cover-up, or perhaps a cozy piece of loungewear. Maybe you've even seen relevant ads for short dresses, making for the perfect date night apparel for a night out. Have you considered adding a kaftan to your list of wardrobe choices? While kaftans are great for all of these occasions, they can also be a part of your street style. Their versatility means you aren’t limited to when or how you choose to style a kaftan. That’s right, you can wear kaftans while running errands, going to dinner, spending a day at the beach, or having a cozy night in. 

Kaftans are more versatile than you may have initially thought but we understand why. Before Kaftko, most kaftans were made exclusively for women and were mostly marketed as bathing suit cover-ups. Not anymore. We have changed the narrative surrounding kaftans to elevated loungewear that can easily be transitioned into stylish streetwear for most any occasion. Did we mention that men can (and should) be wearing kaftans, too?!

If you’ve been wondering how to wear a kaftan, whether it fits into your unique style, or if a kaftan is even right for you then read on to get those questions answered, and to learn more information about the timeless garment.

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What Is Kaftan Modern Street Style?

Modern street style is an open-ended category of clothing that includes anything you want it to because your street style should be totally unique to you. The beauty of street style is that it allows you to express your identity through your clothing choices with no rules or limitations attached.

Your street style doesn’t have to follow the trends of someone else, because your style is yours, and yours alone. This means your street style is individual to you. You can do what you want to make your street style your own, and you can absolutely do it in a kaftan. This could look like dressing up a kaftan with a belt and heels, layering with a trench coat, or keeping things simple and wearing boldly designed kaftan dresses, and your outfit of choice speaks for itself.

You have the freedom to wear something that shows off one part of your street style one day and then a completely different side of you the next. Fashion is a beautiful, expressive thing! Don't be afraid of advertising what makes you, you!

So, if you have been wanting to wear your new modern kaftan out and about, this is your sign! Now is the time to show off, not only your kaftan but also your personal style.

Kaftans vs. Caftans? 

Let’s first address a few questions. For starters, what is a kaftan? And what is the difference between a “kaftan” and a “caftan”?

The terms “kaftan” and “caftan” are interchangeable words. The spelling differences originate from their parent languages, but they refer to the exact same thing!

Kaftans have been worn for thousands of years around the world. Early kaftans were worn by emperors, Persians, and other Middle Eastern cultures. Many early kaftans were open in the front and worn with a sash, but they have always been lightweight and loose-fitting.

By definition, a kaftan is a “long, loose-fitting, flowy dress” and may be compared to a tunic or fancy robe. In Western culture, kaftans traditionally have wide sleeves, are made from a lightweight fabric, and are worn by women. But we think kaftans are so much more than that.  

Kaftko kaftans are made for all and can be worn by all. That is the main message of our business and we live by it proudly. The kaftan has been around for ages, but now it is ready to be worn by you whenever and wherever you'd like. All five of our kaftan designs can fit into your street style because all five can be worn in the way that best suits you. With a variety of categories to search through, our site is sure to have several kaftan dresses that fit into your style (all at an affordable price too)!

Can Anyone Wear A Kaftan?

In Western culture, kaftans were mostly made and marketed for women. And while women look incredible in kaftans, so does everyone else.

If you haven’t worn a kaftan before, you may wonder if they fit into your style. Because of the way Kaftko kaftans are designed and made, absolutely anyone can confidently pull them off. Regardless of your height, body type, or gender, Kaftko kaftans were made with you in mind.

The kaftan design is meant to make the wearer feel confident, sexy, and overall great. And anyone will feel great in the lightweight and breathable material, attractive necklines, comfortable sleeves, and a universally flattering fit of Kaftko’s modern kaftans.

Kaftko started from a desire to make loungewear not only more joyful but more accessible. More accessible so that anyone could wear a kaftan and more accessible in the ways our stylish kaftans can be worn. Basically, kaftans can now be enjoyed by all, and that includes the people checking you out while you wear one.

So, if you want to wear a kaftan, wear one. And wear it where you want and how you want. There are no rules when it comes to the modern kaftan!

How Does A Kaftan Fit Into My Style?

One of the best things about the Kaftko kaftan design is that it pretty much is the definition of modern street style. Let’s elaborate…

Style is based on your individual expression, and can change from day to day, right? Well, the same can be said of our kaftan designs. Do you want to express yourself at the beach? We got you with The Original, semi-sheer kaftan. Or would you rather kill the leisurewear game outside of your home? Then The Original Kaftan V3 is for you. You can even take your kaftan outerwear to the next level with The Kozy Bear. Need something to wear at a wedding? Fear not! Kaftans to the rescue. And might we add, they pair wonderfully with fun shoes and accessories too?!

If you are the type of person who likes to have a statement piece on when they step outside then, honey, the kaftan can be that piece. The colors and prints alone turn heads, but the cut, fit, and neckline of Kaftko kaftans are statements of their own. You can easily style a modern kaftan up or dress it down depending on your plans and how you are feeling. Rocking a kaftan also means a better experience for you, as their comfort is truly unmatched.

Modern style is about wearing clothes that fit your own unique, individual style but are also loosely based on current trends. Kaftans have elements in common with many current trends, like color clashing, shackets (have you seen The Kozy Kaftans yet?), maxis, and vivid colors. This means you can be on-trend (but not too trendy) when you step out in a kaftan.

Hopefully, you are convinced by now that one of our stylish kaftans can be a part of your street style. But if not, then we have a little more work to do. 

Which Kaftan Is Right For Me?

How do you decide which kaftan to choose? While that tough decision is ultimately up to you, we can help guide you here. Let’s look at each kaftan design one by one and see how they can fit your street style, your home style, your beach style, or your whatever style.

The Original Kaftan is the O.G. (or O.K. …but it is way more than okay!). This one is a semi-sheer, plunging neckline dream that will get you major head turns on the beach, at the pool, or in your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also wear The Original Kaftan out. The prints on this one are vibrant, fun, flirty, and are a look all on their own.

When we made V2 we took a small step back in the sense that we made the neckline a little higher and the material non-sheer. Like the Original Kaftan, V2 comes in universally flattering sizes and can be worn in a number of ways. Since V2 is non-sheer, it may be a better option in the fall and winter depending on where you live. But don’t worry, just because V2 is a tad more reserved than The Original Kaftan does not make it any less sexy. Ever heard of leaving something for the imagination?

And this brings us to V3. With V3, we completely changed the neckline from a V-neck to a crew neck with a central split and button closure. It is also non-sheer and another fabulous option for cooler temperatures. When we made V3, we envisioned you wearing it around your house during the day and then styling it up for a night out. This makes V3 the perfect transition piece for your street style.  

For an even newer (dare we say warmer?) take on the kaftan design, you need to know about The Kozy and The Kozy Bear. These have oversized hoods and pockets, people…POCKETS!

Let’s start with The Kozy. It looks a lot like all three versions of our Original Kaftans, but with a few tweaks. The Kozy is ultimate loungewear, great for, well, lounging, but also able to be worn as an outer layer when on the streets. It has that signature deep V-neckline, but with an added toggle closure. And the jersey knit material will keep you warm and cozy (or kozy).

But if you want even more from your crossover loungewear/outerwear, then The Kozy Bear may be your best bet. That’s because this one is made with plush teddy material plus a jersey knit lining. You’ll feel the silky-smooth lining from the inside and the plushy warmness from the outside. Like The Kozy, the Kozy Bear has an oversized hood, pockets, and a V-neckline with optional closure. But the best part has to be the clip-on, clip-off bear ears. Let your inner bear out!

One of the best things about all of our kaftans is that they can be worn on their own or styled however you like. We love to see a kaftan party dress or a Kozy worn as a stylish coat.

Now you can see that any of these kaftan designs can be added to both your closet and street style.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you are now convinced that modern kaftans can, and should, be a part of your everyday style.

Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

  • Modern street style is pretty much what you make it. And kaftans can fit into your unique style beautifully and in any way you like.
  • Kaftans have been around for literal ages, but not in the way that Kaftko Kaftans are changing the game.
  • Anyone can wear a kaftan, and we mean anyone.
  • You can wear a kaftan alone as a statement piece or dress it up and make it completely your own. The options are basically endless when it comes to ways to wear a modern kaftan.
  • Kaftko now has five kaftan designs, with each one a little different from the next. And each one is capable of being turned from loungewear to streetwear.

There you have it. However you may be looking to elevate your style, Kaftko Kaftans can get you there. If you've been typing "kaftan" into your browser, hoping to find amazing sellers with gorgeous garments to purchase, we're excited you've landed here.


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