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Maxi Kaftans | The Most Fashionably Versatile Outfit You’ll Ever Own

Maxi Kaftans | The Most Fashionably Versatile Outfit You’ll Ever Own

There you are, peering into your wardrobe. Over the years, you’ve done pretty well for yourself. Somehow you’ve managed to eliminate articles of clothing you no longer wear or don’t fit into anymore. That’s impressive!

So give yourself a pat on the back… Who knew you were such a minimalist. ;)

Ok, ok, even if your closet is bursting at the seams, there’s no judgment here. Because let’s face it… We all have our favorite pieces of clothing.

You know what we’re talkin’ about: those few staples we simply can’t live without. That no matter where you travel to, you’re gonna pack them, even if you don’t end up wearing them.

Maybe it’s a vintage graphic tee, or a well-loved, well-worn, oversized cozy sweatshirt. Or maybe it’s a simple cardigan, a pair of jeans, or a fun beach dress.

maxi kaftans - Kaftko

Whatever it is, there's a reason you’ve fallen in love with it and can’t let it go.

That's the beauty of fashion… Every now and again you’ll come across a fine piece of clothing that fits you just right. Every time you put it on, you’re beaming with confidence and style. And it’s in those moments that you hold your head a little higher, and nothing seems to get you down.

If only every outfit could offer that kind of power!

Well, make some room in your closet my friend, because today we’re introducing you to an article of clothing we’re certain you won’t want to live without.

It’s called a maxi kaftan. And believe us, it too will become a must-have clothing addition to your wardrobe favorites.

Not sure what a kaftan maxi dress is? Not to worry. We’re way ahead of you with more information below...

What are Maxi Kaftans?

A kaftan (or “caftan”) maxi dress is the perfect combination of a traditional kaftan gown and a regular maxi dress.

They’re free-flowing, loose-fitting, and elegantly flattering garments. They have non-restrictive sleeves that reach down below the elbow and are usually made of soft, breathable fabric. 

Most beautiful kaftan dresses are long, either reaching right at the knee or somewhere around the ankles. However, a long kaftan maxi dress may drag on the floor.

Truth be told, kaftan clothes have been around since before the 14th century. They were worn by both men and women throughout the Middle East, and North and West Africa.

That’s right, long kaftan dresses were primarily worn in hot climates. That’s because they offer essential ventilation that helps keep the body cool. It’s genius!

And since kaftan outfits can be made of any clothing material, they can also help keep the body extremely warm when made of thicker, heavier material.

But while the rest of the world was embracing the versatility, freedom, and fashion of kaftan gowns, North America and Europe were still unacquainted with kaftan fashion.

Only a handful of tourists were seen in kaftan outfits. That is, until the 1950s and 60s when Christian Dior and Balenciaga saw how stylish and chic kaftan dresses were. They claimed them to be the best loose-fit evening gowns in fashion.

By 1966, even Vogue had something to say about the famous maxi caftan dress:

Here are the most becoming fashions ever invented: the languor of the seraglio clings to them; leisure and repose emanate from them. The classic robes of the Near East, they’re now, suddenly all over the contemporary map—inspiration of great dressmakers and every woman’s discovery in beauty

But once the 1970s hit, kaftan maxi dresses were only considered to be resort apparel or beachwear. But the times, they are a-changin’... And since 2020, kaftan maxis are not only known as super comfortable, but they’re incredibly versatile and highly fashionable.

So, despite what some people might tell you, or what the internet might say, a maxi kaftan dress is not just for covering up a bathing suit. You can wear kaftan dresses any time, anywhere.

Don’t believe us? Well, let us paint a picture for you…

kaftan maxi dress - Kaftko

How do you Wear a Kaftan Maxi Dress?

The great thing about kaftan fashion is that they can be dressed up or dressed down. Seriously, you can wear a maxi kaftan to both a formal event like a wedding or to an all-inclusive vacation resort. It’s all about answering the question: How do you style maxi kaftans?

Let’s start with an easy scenario… The Beach!

We all know that when you’re on the beach, you want something breezy, lightweight, and breathable. And a kaftan maxi dress is your answer, especially when with our kaftans.

They’re made of chiffon fabric and designed to accentuate your features.

But the beach isn’t the only place to wear a kaftan maxi dress… Let’s move on to casual wear occasions and get-togethers.

Most people refer to kaftans as “bohemian fashion”, partly because they offer unique patterns, bright colors, and are associated with people who have a free spirit. Just take a look at our unique Kaftan clothing line…

That said, many people are wearing beautiful kaftans to casual outing events, like getting together with friends for dinner, going to the farmer’s market, playing mini-golf, or just hitting up the grocery store.

You can simply throw the kaftan dress on as-is, or you can style it by tying it to your side and pairing it with a cute skirt or a pair of shorts/pants. Adding cute shoes, like a pair of flats or chunky sneakers, can really spice up your look. Heck, we say go ahead and add accessories like some sunglasses and a fedora hat. Now you’re really stylin’!

Next, let’s talk about kaftan formal wear…

Bet you didn’t know you could wear kaftan dresses as a formal gown, did ya? Well, now you do!

We all know that owning a little black dress is a necessity for our wardrobe. But honestly, owning a black kaftan maxi dress is perhaps the most necessary staple in your closet. Here’s why...

Black elegant kaftans can be styled up or down. For example: adding a chic belt, a pair of heels, and some fine-looking jewelry can transform you into the belle of the ball. And because kaftan party dresses have long flowy sleeves, you can easily slide one sleeve down to show a little shoulder for a unique look.

When it comes to styling women’s kaftan dresses, the sky’s the limit!

But now, let’s move on to everyone's favorite topic: Kaftan loungewear!

Perhaps the most favorite way to wear a kaftan is as loungewear. Sure, sweatpants and shorts have their place, but nothing screams comfort and relaxation like a kaftan outfit.

And the best part… Kaftans make for the perfect work-from-home attire. Everyone’s losing their minds over the fact that they don’t have to wear pants while doing a work zoom meeting from their home office. But kaftan dress wearers have been enjoying not wearing pants for centuries. Heck, they’re not even wearing pants to the actual office.

That’s the beauty of a long kaftan dress: it’s business on top and freedom on the bottom. And hey, even kaftans are perfect for the winter season. Check out our kozy bear kaftans; they’re deliciously comfy.

Ok, so now that you know kaftan outfits can be worn anywhere and everywhere, now you’re probably wondering…

Can Anyone Wear Maxi Kaftans?

Despite what you might think or see, kaftan dresses aren’t just meant for women. Men and children are now sporting kaftan outfits too. We love it, and we support it!

While most kaftan dresses are marketed to ladies, more and more fashion brands are designing kaftans for men. Here at Kaftko, our famous kaftans are created by a man! And let’s just say, they’re amazing!

Our ethos is described in two words: Fashion Fluid! This means, that all genders, all sizes, and all ages are welcome to embrace the joy, freedom, and versatility of our highly fashionable kaftans.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s move on to our final point…

kaftan dress - Kaftko

Where to Buy Kaftan Dresses

Ok, now where were we? Ah, yes… Our kaftan clothes. We know good and well that the best place to buy kaftans and kaftan maxi dresses is online. Honestly, it’s the easiest and most affordable way to buy cheap kaftan dresses.

But if you’ve ever asked, where to buy kaftans near me? Then your best option is gonna be thrift stores and shops that have kaftan dresses for sale.

However, online shopping is the best place to find fun, stylish, and highly functional kaftan outfits.

Again, here at Kaftko, we specialize in all things kaftan fashion at the most exclusive deals. We offer modern-style kaftans, free-flowing kimonos, and thicker, more kozy bear kaftans.

If you’ve been feverishly on the search for the best kaftan dresses or maxis, we invite you to take a look at our kaftan clothing line today for more details. Seriously, there’s something for every customer and we ship worldwide! We also offer free shipping for purchases of $150 and over in the U.S!


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