Fashion fluid loungewear made for all


Lounge in joy

When the world takes loungewear oh so seriously, Kaftko takes life - and what you live it in - joyfully.

Is it the feeling of home? Yes. Is it the perfect dose of escapism? Most certainly. Is it the inspiration you need to throw your own personal kaftan photoshoot? Abso-frikin-lutely.

Founders story


Made for all

We want to leave tiresome terms like gender neutral, size inclusive, and age appropriate behind and create one idea that is more than those combined:


Enough labels. Enough barriers. Wear what you want and how you want it. Kaftko is made for all: her, him, their - from golden years, adult, to small.

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A short his/her/their-story


Why the kaftan, you ask?

Because a man kaf-can as well as any woman.

The kaftan, a traditional Middle Eastern garment, is a garment of freedom and has been genderless long before it was trending to do so. We wanted to show everyone in kaftans to tell not only our founder's story, but also retell the true story of how fluid and versatile the kaftan has been for centuries, reclaim it, and bring it to modern world the way we believe it should.


Oday Shakar

As a gay Iraqi-American designer, Oday Shakar always knew he had a story to tell. What he didn't know was that there was a massive community ready to hear it.

After a decade of couture design, Oday found himself making something - just for him. So a man and his kaftan took to a NYC fire escape for a photoshoot (naturally) and the rest as they is - well, you know.

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"I've been wanting something like this for a long time - easy to wear, fun, joyful, and not limited by gender. I couldn't find it - so I made it."

- Oday Shakar, Co-Founder & Designer


"The brand’s gauzy garments, in rich colors and bold patterns, quickly found fans in Billy Porter and other stars, along with upwards of 10,000 customers who sprint to snatch up new drops that often sell out in hours."

"This loungewear label’s Original Kaftan V2 was made with all genders, sizes and ages in mind.

Created by designer Oday Shakar, Kaftko’s v-cut, semi-sheer designs are available in colorful prints."

"This V2 Chroma Stripe Kaftan from Kaftko is not about being shy or demure—it's all about feeling bold."