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Euro Briefs: The Swimwear of Freedom And Confidence!

Euro Briefs: The Swimwear of Freedom And Confidence!

The pool rules regarding swimwear in France are simple: “Les Shorts Et Calecons Sont Interdits”, which translates to: “Shorts and pants are prohibited”, leaving the Euro brief your only option!

You see, what you might view as skimpy… Spain, France, Italy, and basically all of Europe view them as both normal and liberating.

Now, we know what you may be thinking… How can a product that looks like underwear, the Euro brief, be considered more visually acceptable for non-European countries?

Well, let’s first look at…

What Are Euro Briefs?

Or better yet… What does the term Euro Brief mean? The answer is simple… Form-fitting underwear and swimwear.

Now, we’re not going to be talking about Euro underwear, European boxer briefs, or as Americans like to call it, “tighty-whities”. Nope! We’re strictly talking about European-style swimwear.

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You see, European Briefs, a.k.a. Euro swim briefs are form-fitting swimsuits for men and women. They’re designed with way less fabric, but they offer incredible security and coverage.

People across Europe, South America, Australia, and different regions in Asia almost exclusively opt for wearing swimsuit Euro briefs.

However, in different parts of Europe, like France, Euro swim briefs are a requirement before entering any pool area. This is because European briefs are not only more comfortable and widely accepted, but they’re also way more secure.

Why Are Tight-Fitting Euro Briefs More Liberating And Better For Your Body?

How many people do you see walking around in the city in a Euro brief or speedo? None, right? (Unless of course you’re comedian Bert Kreischer, and all you want to do is live and breathe in a Euro swim brief.) We honestly don’t blame him, there’s nothing more freeing and comfortable than European brief fashion if you ask us.

But on the account of the French, long swimming trunks, or shorts, can actually pollute clean pool water.

For example, those who wear long swimming trunks and shorts often wear them out in the city, on trains and buses, while relaxing on sandy beaches, etc. Whether they know it or not, dirt, germs, and other gunk unknowingly cling to their clothes which leads to more reasons to wash them.

So, when they decide they’re ready to take a dip in a cooling pool with their swim/city shorts on, guess what else is taking a dip with them? All those clingy germs. Not cool!

Euro swim briefs, on the other hand, consist of less fabric, therefore they hold onto less dirt and gunk (not to mention fewer times to wash) because nobody is out wandering around the city with just European briefs on.

But we get it… Unless you’re from Europe or other parts of the world where Euro fashion is the norm, wearing Euro brand swim briefs may not be something you’re familiar with or even comfortable wearing. This is especially true for…

American Men And Euro Fashion

Since the 1990s, American men’s swimwear has gotten more casual and baggy. Think jockey shorts and long trunk products. But all that fabric weighs you down, bunches up, and becomes more of a hassle than necessary.

Euro swim briefs, on the other hand, have many benefits in that they are not only comfortable but insanely liberating.

Seriously, ask any man who's worn a Euro brief, or speedo, and they’ll likely tell you they’ve never felt so free in their own skin. It’s like the Euro brief becomes one with their body.

Euro swimwear fashion is designed to complement the human body, no matter what shape or size. And did we mention speed? Wearing too much fabric restricts the legs from freely moving; that’s why so many people prefer the Euro brief. They swear they become a dolphin in the water.

But the only thing that seems to stop men, and some women, are onlookers. Wearing a Euro brief sometimes attracts the eyes. And while some glances will only last a second, other stares could seem like an eternity. But we’re here to tell you that they’re only wishing they had the stones, the confidence you have. Because in the end, you’re the one living life to the fullest and in total freedom.


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Where Can I Buy European Briefs?

We thought you’d never ask! Here at Kaftko, we offer the easiest, most unique Euro online shopping for all of your swim attire needs.

Our European briefs are considered fashion fluid, which means men, women, and everyone else are welcomed to slide their derrieres into them. We offer multiple designs, color options, patterns, and more.

Now, our European briefs are very unique and a tad more freeing than our regular traditional swim briefs. They’re the classic European style, which means they feature a low-rise cut with a comfortable side that sits a little higher on the hip than traditional briefs. This will add better waistband mobility and more freedom. Not to mention, better tanning coverage.

If you are still unsure you can easily check out customers' own review opinions and discover your order size when you check out our Euro brief sizing chart.

Truth be told, European fashion items have been influencing America and other parts of the world for years, and they will only continue to do so. If you visit parts of Europe, like France, wearing a Euro brief is the norm. It’s a sign of confidence! And that’s exactly our goal at Kaftko: to design a comfortable, freeing Euro brief that offers total coverage, cozy security, and unbelievable confidence.

If you’re reviewing your options and ready to fully embrace your freedom, increase your confidence rating, and experience comfort at a whole new level, then Kaftko European briefs are the answer to your swimwear needs.


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