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The Kimono Robe That Should Be Worn & Owned by Everyone

The Kimono Robe That Should Be Worn & Owned by Everyone

kimono robe - Kaftko

Have you ever noticed that Japanese culture has some of the most unique fashion options in the world?

Not only are their traditional clothing garments rooted in rich history, but they are often worn to symbolize status, occupation, and age.

Now, we’re not going to dive into all of Japan's traditional fashion pieces, but there is one garment that’s captivated us, along with fashion fans around the globe.

And it’s obviously captivated you, hence the reason you clicked on this article in the first place.

We are, of course, talking about the Japanese robe, also known as the “Kimono” or “Kimono Robe.”

Believe it or not, kimono robe fashion is very popular in western nations. But still, some people are a little apprehensive about wearing kimono robes out in public.

Maybe it’s because kimono robes aren’t as common in certain parts of the world. Or maybe it’s because the origins of the kimono robe are not fully understood, therefore wearing a kimono robe doesn’t seem appropriate.

Or maybe it’s the fact that a kimono robe sounds too similar to a bathrobe, and bathrobes should only be worn in the comfort of your own home, right?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that a kimono robe isn’t what it sounds like. Hear us out…

Kimono robes are great, and we think that everyone should have one in their wardrobe.

So if you’re ready to throw caution to the wind and experience the freedom of what wearing kimono robes truly feels like, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to explore the difference between bathrobes and kimono robes, why everyone should own at least one kimono, how to style a kimono robe to fit your own personal fashion sense, and where to buy a truly stylish kimono robe.

But first, let’s address the differences of….

Bathrobes vs Kimono Robes

Believe us, the two garments are not the same regardless of the word ‘robe’ being paired with their names.

As you may have guessed, a kimono robe has a little more sophistication and fashion behind it. Whereas a bathrobe pretty much represents what it sounds like.

But to better understand the difference between a bathrobe and a kimono robe, let’s look at their origins and definitions.

What is a Bathrobe?

Yes, bathrobes have a history to them.

The concept of the bathrobe started in Ancient Greece. We’re referring to the toga and chiton. Both of which were either knee-length or ankle-length.

According to Ancient Romans, the longer the robe, the higher the status of the person wearing it.

Some Ancient robes didn't have sleeves, while others did. But again, the longer the sleeves, the more respected the person who wore them.

Now, the bathrobe doesn’t necessarily represent that kind of status. It wasn’t until the 19th Century that bathrobes became informal and considered loungewear.

However, many movies portray wealthy individuals lounging around in their high-end bathrobes. So, maybe bathrobes do hold a certain level of status.

This brings us to… 

What is a Silk Kimono Robe?

A kimono robe is a traditional Japanese garment. A silk or cotton kimono is often most common, but other fine fabrics are available as well.

A silk robe was often worn only for special occasions like weddings, festivals, and even funerals.

The kimono is a t-shaped garment that has wide arms and an opening down the middle.

Now, many people have wondered: How do you tie a kimono robe? Especially if it’s a silk robe?

According to Japanese culture, the left side of a silk robe should wrap around the right side. To keep it all together, a sash is wrapped around the waist to ensure nothing falls apart as you move around.

To get a visual on how to tie a silk robe, see YouTube for a few tutorials that can help make things much easier. 

But don’t let tying a kimono robe, or the origins of kimono robes, intimidate you from wearing them out in public.

These days, modern kimono robes are taking the fashion industry by storm, and you can wear them for special occasions or as your daily attire… however you see fit.

Side note: If you plan on visiting Japan, you may want to do a little more research before wearing a kimono there. Out of respect, it’s best to ensure you’re following cultural norms.

With all that said, you’re probably still wondering if you should own a kimono robe for yourself or not.

Well, let us ease your mind a bit and reveal to you…

5 Reasons Kimono Robes are Perfect for Everyone to Wear

silk robe - Kaftko

Here’s the thing: kimono robes are downright amazing. And believe it or not, they’re incredibly fashionable too.

Skeptical? Well, let us explain in more detail…

1. Kimono Robes Can Enhance all Types of Outfits

What’s interesting about a kimono robe is that it sort of acts as a clothing accessory. It can spice up any outfit you wear, by adding color or style.

You see, there are tons of cute kimono robes available online. There are even patterned kimono robes that you can wear over a plain white t-shirt and jean shorts.

And the best part, a silk robe can enhance your outfit to look more formal than casual.

Both men and women can wear kimono robes to spice up their attire, but women’s kimono robes usually have more options to choose from.

But fellas, don’t let that stop you from wearing those beautiful kimono robes around town. Remember, men wear kimono robes all the time in Japan. And the look is gaining traction elsewhere.

If you’re a dude, and you’re unsure about buying a kimono robe, we recommend that you buy a kimono robe for sleepwear. That way, you can get a feel for it. And who knows, before long you may find yourself venturing out in public in one and find that it feels totally normal and incredibly freeing.

As for you ladies, kimono robes are not only beautiful but incredibly versatile too.

You can wear them as a covering over your sleeveless shirt. You can fashion an awesome silk kimono dressing gown. Or you can even wear your silk robe as a shirt, and just tuck the extra fabric down your bottoms.

The sky's the limit when it comes to beautiful kimono robes, and that’s directed to you too, fellas.

2. Silk Kimono Robes Can be Worn in All Seasons

Here’s the thing about silk kimono robes: they’re incredibly soft and lightweight, which means you can wear them in any season.

Now we probably don’t have to tell you that in the colder seasons, you’ll need to either wear a coat over your silk kimono or opt for material thicker than silk. Unless of course, you live in a tropical place, in which case a silk robe is all you need. 

But for those who live in those colder parts of the country, other modern-day kimono robes are made of thicker material.

That said, the lightweight material of women’s silk kimono robes makes them so comfortable, that it feels like a second layer of your skin. Maybe that sounds a bit weird to you, but we highly encourage you to try on a silk robe just once. We promise you’ll be hooked forever!

3. Kimono Robes Come in All Sizes & Styles

One of the things we love so much about satin or silk kimono robes is that they come in all sizes and various styles.

While traditional long kimonos often reached down to your ankles, modern-day kimono robes hit right at the knee or higher.

Some kimonos for women are cut off at the hip, leaving you with more of a cardigan vibe. This is great for a casual or business casual look. Both men and women also use hip-length kimonos to achieve a more sporty, or even a summer vibe.

If you’re looking for something a little more formal, there are women’s kimono dressing gowns that hit the floor, which adds a little more elegance and decorum.

As for robes and kimonos, there are tons of kimono robe nightwear available. They usually come in the style of regular kimono bath robes or silk kimono nighties. But either way, you can’t go wrong with wearing a kimono robe around the house at night.

Now, kimono robes come in all sizes. And you can pretty much determine if the kimono is going to fit you even if you don’t try it on. Because kimono robes aren’t form-fitting until you wrap them around your body.

Plus-size silk robes are very popular among women and men because even if the kimono is too big, you can adjust the fit by how tight you wrap it around your body or leave it as-is to give it a more flowy appearance.

4. Kimono Robes are Great for Lounging Around

If there’s one thing kimono robes are known for, it’s their lounge-worthy comfortability.

As we mentioned above, satin or silk robes feel like butter on your skin. They allow you to lounge in the comfort of your own home without feeling restricted, hot, or weighed down.

You can wear a kimono robe over your pajamas or just wear it alone with nothing else. Hey, it’s your kimono robe, so do with it as you wish!

That said, the thing we like best about kimono robes is that they can be thrown on in a hurry, and without trying to look amazing.

So even if you’re in the comfort of your own home and someone pops in without warning, you still can pull it together when you throw your stylish kimono robe on.

We’ve said it once, twice, and probably a hundred more times… you can’t go wrong with owning a kimono robe.

5. Kimono Robes Convey Confidence & Fashion Sense

Last but not least, kimono robes are fashionable all on their own. And there’s something about wearing fashionable clothing pieces that instantly increases your confidence.

This might be because kimono robes have such a rich history attached to them. By wearing a beautiful kimono robe, you immediately look like someone with true fashion sense. You’re not afraid to stand out in a crowd and dive into the fashion of other cultures.

And since kimono robes can be worn as dresses, jackets, shirts, open cardigans, and nighttime robes, daring to wear a kimono out in public just shows that you know exactly how to create multiple stylish outfits with just one piece of clothing.

In other words, owning a kimono robe is perhaps one way you can stay fashionable while becoming a minimalist.

But we get it… even after all of these reasons, you still may be a little apprehensive about wearing a kimono robe out in public because you don’t exactly know how to style it or pair it with your everyday attire.

Not to worry. We’ve got you covered, literally…  

How to Style a Kimono Robe

kimono robes - Kaftko

There are many ways you can style your regular outfits with a pretty kimono robe.

For example, if you’re the type to wear jeans and a regular t-shirt, you’d be surprised at how much a kimono robe can spice up that look. In a way, it adds a little flavor to the mix.

By halfway tucking your t-shirt into your jeans and throwing on a kimono robe, you look more put together and fashionable. Especially if your t-shirt is a solid color, or if it matches well with the colors and patterns of your kimono robe.

You can take this look to a whole new level by adding an evening bag and some sexy heels or boots to the mix. Now you’re ready to hit up the club or your favorite bar!

Another way you can style a kimono robe is by pairing it with a tight dress.

Ladies, you’ve all been told to always have a little black dress waiting for you in your closet. Well, whether it’s black, white, pink, or blue, pairing your little tight dress with a silk robe screams elegance and fashion sense.

It can also give plain dresses a pop of style and color, depending on how vibrant your kimono robe is.

If you’re looking for more of a sporty or summer look, then pairing a kimono robe with your shorts and tank or crop top makes you look like you’re ready to hit up the beach or spend the day out in the sun.

You can even buy a long silk robe and wear it as a dress. Just throw your hair up, add some heels and a small handbag, and you’re ready for any formal occasion.

That’s the beauty of kimono robes. They fit every occasion and can be worn by everyone. And they’re so easy to style, you may even discover a different way to style your kimono robe that we haven’t touched on. In which case, we say go for it!

Wearing a kimono robe is all about embracing your own style and personality.

So where can you find amazing kimono robes for sale?

Well, we’re glad you asked….

Where to buy Satin Robes

Buying kimono robes isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are tons of places that have kimono robes for sale.

If you Google “kimono robes near me”, you’ll likely see several big department stores along with unique mom-and-pop shops.

But you’ll likely only find a handful of kimono robes that only somewhat meet your expectations.

Chances are, you already know what kind of kimono robe you want. That’s because you saw a few pictures online.

So, the best place to buy kimono robes is through fashion websites that specialize in the exact style, length, and color you want.

But if you still aren’t sure what kind of kimono robe you want, then you’re in for a real treat.


Kaftko | Creator of the Modern Kaftan & Designer of Fashionable Kimono Robes

long silk robe - Kaftko

You see, here at Kaftko, we know a thing or two about fashion.

Our founder Oday Skaker, a gay Iraqi-American fashion designer, decided to take the traditional kaftan and transform it into an everyday stylish, modern-day kaftan. And he’s done the same thing with the traditional kimono robe.

Not only has Kaftko become a trailblazing clothing company in the fashion industry, but it’s also a place where people like you can come together and buy truly unique, versatile, and high-quality clothing that’s made for everyone.

At Kaftko, all of our clothing pieces, including our beautiful kimono robes, are made for all. That means, it doesn’t matter your gender, if you like it and you want to wear it, then honey you can!

Our kimono robes come in bright vibrant colors and unique patterns. But we also have more subtle colors if you’re looking for something a little less loud.

And the best part… We have tons of other clothing items that can be mixed and matched with our kimono robes.

We’re talking shorts, shirts, socks, bandanas, hats, and so much more.

If you’ve been looking for the best kimono robe to wear to your next festival, date, or just to lounge around the house, we invite you to check out our unique line of kimono robes, loungewear, swimwear, and everyday wear.

So, what are you waiting for? Step up your fashion game with just one clothing garment, the kimono robe! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


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