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Burning Man Outfits That Fashionably Stand Out And Are Oh So Comfy!

Burning Man Outfits That Fashionably Stand Out And Are Oh So Comfy!

Did you miss out on Coachella, but still want to attend an exciting festival? While Coachella is a very popular festival in the U.S., you can’t forget about the other major arts festival in this country, can you? Burning Man is famous for its sexy send-offs and mindblowing light shows - it'll be here before we know it! Just because these popular festivals are in two different states doesn’t mean you can’t participate.

Our Kafko Burning Man Outfits are perfect for looking fabulous while celebrating out loud with friends. So hurry and order your favorite Kaftko outfit today to have it in time for when the festival begins at the end of August so you can look your best!

Imagine you’re put in the middle of a desert plain, a space where only your creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness can truly run wild. Where temperatures drastically shift from scorching highs in the day to freezing lows at night, and only through your effort, and the ability to work with others, can you make it a home away from home.

In this desert space, you and thousands of others come together to form a temporary utopian city that re-establishes what it means to be kind, loving, unique, and free. Within this temporary community, nothing is for sale, everyone works together, and the freedom to be you is not only embraced but it’s also expected. This is… the Burning Man experience!

Unlike traditional festivals where music and dancing are usually the focal points, Burning Man is not merely a festival, but an incredibly unique experience where people from all over the world join together to create an artistic oasis in the middle of the desert.

This art is created by the people, for the people, and even on the people. This means, your own body can serve as a canvas to express your unique artistic style and fashion.

burning man outfits - Kaftko

It’s a place where funky patterns, psychedelic colors, unique costumes, and a whole lotta skin are welcomed. This means, your Burning Man outfits not only need to be unique but functionally on fleek!

But before we dive into what to wear at Burning Man or the general idea of fashion, let’s explore a little more about… 

Burning Man History

The year was 1986. Larry Harvey and his good friend Jerry James had finally had enough… Enough of watching their over-commercialized culture suck the soul out of otherwise meaningful experiences. So they had an idea to build an 8-foot human figure, “The Man”, drag it down to Baker Beach near San Francisco, and burn it. They wanted to create their show!

As soon as the 8-foot human effigy began to burn, people on the beach swarmed around it and watched it burn. “It was like a second sun brought down to this earth,” a statement made by Larry Harvey in his 1997 speech.

As people stood around watching “The Man” burn, a sudden gust of wind shifted the flames to one side of the statue, leaving the other half untouched. Suddenly, a woman reached out and grabbed “The Man’s” hand, introducing the first spontaneous performance.

The idea of watching “The Man” burn opened the door to an event full of human connection and communal experience. Larry and Jerry knew they were onto something.

The following year, they decided to do it again, but this time they built a Man that was 15 feet tall. Again, they dragged him down to the beach and burned him while close to 80 people gathered and watched the flames.

They did this with no permission and no funding of any kind. It was purely out of their “own communal efforts undertaken together,” explained Larry Harvey in a speech he gave in 2000.

A tradition was born, and as more people gathered, Larry and Jerry needed a bigger place to burn “The Man” and expand their show. So they migrated to “the Playa”, otherwise known as the remote desert beach in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

There, Larry and Jerry would encourage the onlookers, or “the burners” to create their art, build their own homes, and participate in forming a temporary metropolis called Black Rock City in the middle of a barren desert.

This brings us to the real answer of…

What is Burning Man?

While some people would assume it’s an event or a giant party for festival-goers, those descriptions don’t pin down the essence of Burning Man. Instead, Burning Man is best described as an experiment or experience. It’s where people from all parts of the world congregate and create a temporary Renaissance community, filled with tents, RVs, and other self-contained humble abodes.

It’s where a bohemian lifestyle truly thrives… where an unconventional way of living is the “norm” (if there is such a thing as “the norm”). It involves an artistic outlook, creative ingenuity, and an economy of gift-giving.

To fully understand what that means, let’s look at the 10 principles that burners, aka residents of the Burning Man community, live by:

  1. Everyone is welcome… That’s the definition of their Radical Inclusion. Anyone and everyone can participate in the community; not just the active festival-goers.
  2. Gifting is an act of true giving, rather than receiving. “The value of a gift is unconditional!” You don’t give a gift in exchange for something of equal or lesser value. You give a gift to create a moral bond and a feeling of true human connection. It’s an anti-consumerist utopia where nothing is for sale.
  3. Humans are priceless, and it focuses on decommodification… which means it’s not about the stuff people bring; it's all about the people themselves.
  4. Radical Self-Reliance at this even means that burners are expected to arrive with everything they need to survive and then some… As a community, burners are encouraged to help fellow burners by providing everything they need and more for others.
  5. Radical-Self-Expression means that burners take their unique gifts, talents, and skills and contribute them to the Burning Man community. No one judges and no one negatively looks at others. Burners are all different and never expected to fit the mold of others.
  6. Everyone works together and contributes to a greater goal; that’s what the Burning Man community defines as Communal Effort.
  7. Civic Responsibility means that burners who organize an event, an art piece, or an experiment are responsible for the participant's safety and well-being. Local, state, and federal laws are to be followed even in the Burning Man city.
  8. Leave No Trace… The temporary utopian city and its residents are to respect the environment and always clean up after each other. Burners are required to leave the playa better than the way they found it.
  9. Participation is highly encouraged. It’s almost a requirement. Through participation, burners undergo a true transformation that betters their perspective and overall outlook on life.
  10. Burners are encouraged to embrace Immediacy. In other words, to be a present participant and go with the flow. The idea is to become like water in relation to the changes at Burning Man because that’s when you’ll truly experience the “playa magic”.

burning man fashion - Kaftko

Sounds like Burning Man is a pretty awesome culture to be a part of, but…

What Does It Cost To Attend Burning Man?

The truth is, attending Burning Man can cost a lot of money. But the cost isn’t just in the admission fees; you also need to account for transportation, accommodations, supplies, vehicle passes, and Burning Man costumes which can add up fairly quickly. That’s why we encourage you to start saving now!

That said, admission tickets can range from $425 to $1,400 per person. Children under age 12 can attend for free.

Since “Radical Inclusion” is Burning Man’s first principle, they do offer a low-income ticket program, where approved applicants can buy tickets for just $210.

Thankfully, the admission ticket covers the full 9 days, but everything else is up to the individual burner.

This begs the question: Are there bands at Burning Man?

It’s a popular question, and many wonder if their ticket admission includes popular bands and celebrity entertainment. But the answer to that question is no.

Burning Man does not book bands, DJs, speakers, or any other celebrity entertainment. Instead, it’s up to the burners to create their shows and entertainment.


What’s The Point Of Burning Man?

You see, Burning Man is not a place where you go to merely see something; it’s a place where you become a part of something. It’s an alternate world, where for 9 days you live judgment-free and away from social pressures.

It’s a place where you and thousands upon thousands of other people embrace true self-expression, creativity, cultural differences, and freedom from social stigma.

What's more… Burning Man is a spectacular experience where you can become the freest version of yourself, complete with artistic Burning Man costumes, outfits, and desert-friendly fashion.

It’s the Burning Man-style clothing that keeps everyone highly entertained. Think Mad Max meets headdresses meets hippie attire meets tutus meets body paint meets speedos meets kaftans. All styles, all costumes, and all outfit ideas are welcome at Burning Man!

And if you want, you can even show off your unique look at a Burning Man fashion show. This is a great addition that highlights the burners’ creativity and artistic costume ideas.

This brings us to…

What Do You Wear To Burning Man?

Since Burning Man is all about art, self-expression, and creativity, it’s only natural to want to dress up in the wildest, brightest, and most unique Burning Man outfits.

burning man costumes - Kaftko

One of the best ways to participate is through Burning Man fashion and festival costumes. And since participation is one of the 10 principles of Burning Man culture, we’re going to help you establish your style.

Let’s begin…

Burning Man Outfit Ideas That Are Comfortable, Multi-Functional, And Highly Fashionable

First things first, Burning Man is located in the middle of a secluded desert, with an elevation of 4,000 feet above sea level. This means that during the day, temperatures sometimes reach above 100 degrees, and at night, it can fall into the 30s.

It also means that with an open sky and almost no cloud coverage, sun exposure and sweating are guaranteed. But that’s not all… Let’s not forget that dust storms are a real thing in the middle of the desert, and whether you experience one or not during your 9-day stay, you’ll be 100% covered in some major desert dust regardless. 

So when it comes to what to wear for Burning Man, you want to make sure that your festival outfits are comfortable — especially if you plan on staying active all day and night. Because the last thing you want is to be in a suit or outfit that dehydrates you, causes skin sores, or exposes your skin to excessive sunshine. 

Now, if you Google the “best Burning Man outfits”, chances are you’ll come across some pretty elaborate women's costumes and men's costumes alike.

Picture this: A man wearing a fluffy dalmatian brief, dalmatian gloves, tie, vest, scarf, and a dog mask with a crate over his head. Pretty creative right? We’d imagine he’d get pretty hot with his head in a crate all day, but that’s the beauty of Burning Man fashion… It allows burners to go all-out and truly express their inner creative spirits through their Burning Man outfits.

But not everyone is as elaborate as the dalmatian crate guy. Some burners opt for swimwear and lightweight clothing, while others embrace the clothing-optional rule altogether.

Since the desert sun isn’t something you want to mess with, it’s best to choose an outfit that’s not only stylish but comfortably functional as well.

Colorful saris, kimonos, camp collar shirts, and kaftans are perfect clothing options for the desert environment. They’re cool and lightweight, incredibly unique, and offer total coverage over your vulnerable skin.

And as luck would have it, here at Kaftko we offer the most fashionable, multi-functional, and of course comfortably versatile kimonos, kaftans, Kamp collar shirts, Euro briefs, shorts, and trunks you’ve ever seen. And the best part… They’re all fashion fluid and come in various colors and funky patterns.

You can create several unique and easy Burning Man outfits just by using our Kaftko clothing pieces.

Let Us Paint A Burning Man Outfit Picture For You…

Ladies, grab your parasol, your feather headdress, and your bedazzled shoes, ‘cause you’re gonna need them for this awesome Burning Man women’s fashion ensemble. Imagine wearing one of our brightly colored and comfortable shorts with a matching, or not so matching, kimono. You can tie the kimono across your chest to keep things nice and covered, or you can wear it open, showcasing your decorative bralette or nothing at all. Hey, it’s Burning Man, and that’s just one idea of many for a girl costume.

For you fellas, well… You’ll need some desert goggles, a fun festive hat, and a pair of comfortable boots or shoes to create this unique Burning Man outfit

Imagine wearing one of our funky patterned Euro briefs, or trunks if you’d rather leave something to the imagination, with a pure one-of-a-kind kaftan or Kamp collar shirt. Not only will you be sporting some awesome festival styles, but you’ll be comfortable and protected from the harsh sun. Again, that’s just one idea of a unique Burning Man look.

And let’s not forget about those chilly nights in the desert. Thankfully, we offer our really fun and oh-so-soft Kozy Bear clothing piece that’s designed to help you stay warm and fashionable at the same time.

They come in various colors and are outfitted with bear ears. So you can continue rocking a fun Burning Man look without sacrificing your body temperature.

As you can see, there are many ways you can create fun, comfortable, and super stylish costumes for females, males, etc.

The key is creativity and knowing… 

How do you Style an Outfit for Burning Man That’s Both Functional & Fashionable?

The key is to first make sure you feel comfortable. If you’re not comfortable in your Burning Man clothes, then chances are you’re not going to have a good time.

Next, you need to ensure that your Burning Man outfit is functionally multifaceted. This means you want to opt for clothing pieces that are designed with unique practical features.

We’re talking about perfectly placed pockets, oversized hoods, and the option to leave a garment open or tied closed. These are the kind of features you want to look for.

And surprise surprise, our Kaftko clothing collections offer these features and more. Because we know that you need to be prepared for all weather and changing temps when you attend Burning Man.

This brings us to…

The Only Burning Man Clothing Guide You Need

burning fashion - Kaftko

Whether you’re a fashion expert, or new to the whole Burning Man festival outfit concept, having a practical clothing guide helps explore what outfits you need to bring to Burning Man and why.

Let’s begin…

Burning Man Outfit Ideas for the Desert Heat

The desert is filled with extremes.

In the daytime, temperatures can reach extreme highs. The heat can be so unbearable that you may end up hiding under the shade, or even shedding each layer of clothing until you're left in your underwear.

That’s why many burners wear swimwear and lightweight clothing during the daytime.

Here at Kaftko, we offer a large collection of comfortable, versatile, functional, lightweight apparel. All of which screams Burning Man fashion expert!

To start, we offer comfortable swim shorts, trunks, and briefs.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… Why swimwear for Burning Man?

Well, since the desert heat isn’t something you want to mess around with, walking around in comfortable swimwear is a great option. Plus, you never know if you might find a pool to jump into, or a water hose to run through. So it’s best to always be prepared.

And the best part about our Kaftko swimwear collection is that you can create a very unique Burning Man outfit with each clothing piece.

Ladies, we know that Burning Man women’s fashion is a huge deal. So try picturing this:

Black-colored stompy boots, a pair of our comfortable, brightly colored Karnival stripe shorts, one of our matching kimonos worn open, exposing your yellow-lace bandeau bra, and our matching Karnival stripe bandana worn over your hair to keep the sand away.

Now, you can easily add a bedazzled fanny-pack and some goggles to spice up this look.

But on its own, this Burning Man outfit is perfect for the desert heat, and its bright colors will put a smile on anyone's face.

Not to mention our kimonos are so lightweight, that they’ll make you feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

You can even opt for a matching, or not-so-matching Kaftko hat to keep the sunshine out of your eyes. That is, of course, if you don’t own one of those vintage parasols, in which case it will pair nicely with any of our kimonos or kaftans.

And don’t worry guys, we haven’t forgotten about you…

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to finally walk around freely in a speedo, Burning Man is your chance.

Our euro briefs are so comfortable, that you’ll wish you could stay in them 24/7. They come in various bold colors, funky designs, and crazy patterns.

Try this Burning Man outfit on for size, fellas:

Japanese-style boots, one of our lightweight kaftans or kamp shirts, a matching, or not-so-matching euro brief (because hey, now's your chance to strut your stuff), and one of our Kaftko hats.

Talk about feeling free and feeling comfortable in the desert heat. Because nothing beats wearing a speedo in the middle of the desert, are we right? 

But what should you wear for late-night festivities?

Burning Man Outfit Ideas for Those Cold Desert Nights

At night, it can get down to bone-chilling temps, and no matter how many thin layers you put on, you’re still shivering uncontrollably.

Here at Kaftko, we know all about the desert climate. This is why we created our Kozy Bear clothing collection.

They’re just like our modern kaftans, except they’re incredibly warm and oh-so-Kozy. They come in various bright colors, and even in a tiger print.

And the best part… the hood has bear ears. Which is highly welcomed among the Burning Man community.

We also have funky patterned Kaftko socks that will keep your feet and legs to stay warm and get other burners’ attention when you’re dancing your heart out on the desert dance floor.

Now let’s look at the desert winds…

Burning Man Outfit Ideas for Desert Storms

The desert can get windy, and sometimes the playa dust storms can be so strong that it’s impossible to see anything in front of you but blowing sand.

And let us tell you, blowing sand hurts!

So your Burning Man wardrobe needs to be complete with functional and versatile clothing articles that can protect you from the sun and sand.

That’s why we encourage our customers to wear our Kaftko bandanas, hats, and socks. Even our Kaftans are great for protecting your body from getting slammed with sand.

Don’t forget to bring some goggles and an umbrella. Believe it or not, these are just a few items that can make your Burning Man festival experience much more exciting. Because there’s nothing worse than getting sand in your eyes.

We also recommend you wear closed-toe shoes.

As much as we all love sandals and flip-flops, boots, and walking shoes are going to keep your feet protected and comfortable. Because you’ll be doing a whole lot of walking, dancing, and exploring.

Where To Buy Burning Man Outfits?

Whether you’re looking for specific Burning Man clothing pieces for sale, super cheap Burning Man outfits, or even the most artistic and best pants for Burning Man activities, chances are you’re gonna want to shop around.

But keep in mind that there are only a handful of legit Burning Man outfit shops available. That’s because most Burning Man costumes aren’t usually for sale. They’re usually created by the individual burner wearing the costume, or by a fashion artist.

festival goers - Kaftko

If you want to create a unique outfit that encompasses true Burning Man fashion, it’s best to find clothing that expresses your own unique, creative style. So that might mean a tutu, a feather crown, some body paint, fluffy slippers, and a colorful kimono.

Here at Kaftko, we embrace some of the same ethos of Burning Man culture. You see, we’re a fashion-fluid brand, so all of our clothing is gender-neutral, size-inclusive, and age-appropriate. If you like it, then you can wear it!

Our original semi-sheer Kaftans are the reason we started Kafto in the first place. We wanted to take the beauty and versatility of the traditional kaftan and show western culture just how fashionable this clothing piece can be.

Today, we offer many different clothing pieces that come in fun bright colors, unique patterns, modern styles, and fashionable versatility.

What’s more… All of our clothing pieces and accessories are just a few items that are interchangeable. This means you can create more than one, two, or three outfits with each Kaftko piece. You just need to use your imagination, creativity, and artistic eye.

People of all genders, sizes, and ages can rock our clothing in the comfort of their own home, or even in their home away from home at Burning Man. Heck, they can rock it at the pool, beach, house party, or even grocery store.

So, whaddya say…

Are you ready to finally express your inner creative spirit and produce your very own Burning Man costume or outfit? Then we invite you to check out our comfortable and stylish Kaftko collection today. Believe us, Burning Man isn’t the only place you’ll want to show off our Kaftko style.


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