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The Best Swimming Briefs You’ll Never Want To Take Off

The Best Swimming Briefs You’ll Never Want To Take Off

We’ve all experienced it: Heatwaves so hot you can fry an egg. Days like these can be deceiving. The blue skies and bright sunshine make it seem so inviting, but the minute you step outside you’re overwhelmed with humidity and stickiness. Time for a much-needed dip in the ocean, a swimming pool, or a cooling lake!

So, let us ask you… Is there anything more comfortable than swimming in swim briefs? (Ladies, you know what we’re talking about.) But men, this question is more geared towards you. Think about it.

No, seriously… Really think about it.

It seems that women got the memo a long time ago. They’ve been embracing the swimsuit brief for a while now. Not only are their tan lines perfect, but they’re always having a blast frolicking around in the freedom of their swimwear.

And did we mention fashion? For years, the women's bikini brief has offered various fashion statements and styles that meet each individual's needs.

But what about men? Don’t they deserve that same kind of fashionable and liberating freedom in a men’s swim brief, too?!

Let’s talk about it…

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What Are Swim Briefs For Men?

The men’s swim brief is a swimsuit of many iconic names: Men's high cut swim briefs, male bikini swimwear or men's swim bikini, men’s short swim briefs, swimming trunks underwear, men’s tiny swim briefs, and our personal favorite, swimming undies.

Here at Kaftko, we refer to our traditional swim brief as “The Brief”. That’s it! No fancy terminology or phrases. Now, before we WOW you with how awesomely innovative, fashionable, and liberating our swim briefs are, we want to talk specifically about how both women’s and men’s swim briefs are designed.

When looking at swimsuit briefs, you’ll notice that the front is cut in a triangular shape to hold everything in place, while the back offers total coverage of both cheeks. It’s figure-hugging, fully lined, and most of all, stylish.

We like to think of our swim briefs, or “the brief”, as wearing an extra layer of your skin. It’s freeing, comfortable, and it accentuates all your natural features in all the right ways.

While male brief swimwear has been more traditionally worn in competitive swimming sports, like diving, racing, etc; more people around the world are embracing the look of men's swim briefs. And we couldn’t be more ecstatic!

Now, remember how we mentioned some of the most iconic names of the men's swimsuit brief above? Well, we can all agree that the most iconic name is the Speedo. And let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of that name.

For example, maybe while you were on vacation, you overheard someone say, “Hey, look at that dude. He’s wearing a speedo!” To us, that statement screams individuality, comfortability, and freedom. But to some others, hearing that statement sets off embarrassing alarm bells. (We can thank outdated western pop culture for that.)

Now, while some men have no problem sporting a speedo or a men's swim brief, on a public beach, pool, or lake; for other men, it falls way outside of their comfort zone, no matter how much they prefer the feel of it over traditional swimming trunks.

But we assure you: The times, they are a-changin’. And the men's swim bikini briefs are returning to the public in a brand-new way!

That’s why we invite you to look at the male brief swimwear a little differently. But to do this, we need to go back in time. So fasten your time machine seatbelt as we take a trip through the…

History Of The Men’s Swimwear Brief

Back in the good ol’ Roman Empire, public male bathing was done in the nude! Talk about liberating to the fullest, are we right?

But over time, different standards have come into play. It’s been reported that the UK banned public nude bathing in the 1860s. And since then, the men’s swimwear movement has undergone quite a journey in fabrics, styles, and overall standards. 

To start, the male swimwear took a no-frills approach. They were designed in a shape that didn’t highlight the male physique. The early 1900s required men to swim in tank suits. That’s right… in some parts of the world, men were not allowed to show off their chest. Thankfully, that all changed in the late 1930s.

Soon, bare-chested men were frolicking on the beach in a newer, more freeing swimsuit. It was known as the ‘swim boxer brief’, or as ‘men’s boy shorts swimwear’. It sorta resembled a long swim brief, not quite as long as trunks, and not as short as tighty-whities. It fell somewhere in the middle.

While men were finally getting excited about embracing their newly designed swimwear, there were still a few things missing in the overall design of their swimming trunk briefs: Fashion, style, and PERSONALITY!

Thankfully, from the 1960s onward, the male swimwear brands noticed how dull and unfashionable male swimsuits were. So they did something about it.

Enter the Speedo. Anyone who was anyone was sporting a speedo. It not only improved functionality, but it accentuated the male body no matter the body type. Colors and patterns were added, and men were finally able to wear brightly colored bikini briefs instead of the plain ol’ men’s black swim briefs.

This trend rolled into the 1970s and 1980s when cutoff shorts and tight brief swim trunks were also introduced, in even brighter colors. As more and more people became obsessed with bodybuilding and physical fitness, men realized that tight swimsuit briefs showed off their muscular structure much better than traditional trunks.

For the first time, men felt good about going to the beach, as they were finally embracing their fashionable side and their bodies! 

But then the 1990s hit, and everything became loose-fitting and baggy. Even boxer brief underwear was a thing of the past, as baggy boxers were now the trend.

On the beach, the longer the trunks, the better. But this made it hard for people to swim freely and tan without looking like they were wearing permanent pale shorts.

Thankfully, Calvin Klein began marketing their form-fitting underwear briefs, and they reawakened men to embrace swimwear briefs. Once the 2000s hit, there were various styles and cuts of male swimwear available.

Today, you’ll see a mix of men’s brief swimming trunks, shorts, men’s swim bikinis, and boxer briefs. We love diversity!

With so many swimwear options available, we say, you do you. Stand out and embrace the body you were born in with any style of swimwear you choose! That includes the highly fashionable and oh-so-comfortable men’s swimming briefs.

But we get it: you’re still not 100% sure whether men’s swimsuit briefs are actually in style anymore. So, let’s see…

swim briefs - Kaftko

Are Swim Briefs Back In Fashion?

Absolutely! Swim briefs are definitely back in fashion. In fact, they really never disappeared in the first place; they were just quietly doing their own thing in the background while newer trends took over. But like most trends, they all eventually fade. Swimwear briefs, on the other hand, are here to stay.

You see, over the years, western pop culture has tried to keep men in a fashion box — telling them what’s acceptable and what’s not. But today, men are finally breaking free from that box and spreading their fashion wings.

Since 2017, the popularity of men’s bikini briefs and regular brief swimwear have skyrocketed in both sales and in search engine results.

So the next time you're at the public pool, the lake, or at the beach, take a look around. You’ll likely notice a heck of a lot more men sporting briefs swimwear in more confidence than they have in years.

But now that you know men's swim briefs are more fashionable than ever, you’re probably wondering…

Are Swim Briefs Comfortable?

While popular opinion often suggests that traditional trunks are super comfy, the truth is that men’s swimwear briefs have been reported to be WAY cozier to swim in than any other male swimsuit. Don’t believe us? Well, we have proof.

Here’s what former trunk-wearing men had to say about the swimsuit brief…

1. “I Feel Lighter In The Water. I’m Not Weighed Down By My Trunks.”
  • Traditional, baggy trunks have a lot of extra fabric. And when all that fabric gets wet, it gets heavy, causing you to pull the extra weight. Not to mention the extra fabric easily gets bunched up, forcing you to adjust, straighten out, and reposition yourself.
  • And forget about body surfing… All that extra weight could cause your trunks to float off into the sea, exposing your untanned bun-buns for all to see.
  • But our women’s and men’s swim briefs are form-fitting, giving you the right amount of security you need for any water sport or activity. They don’t weigh you down, they never bunch up, and they don’t fly off as easily as baggy trunks do in the water.
2. “No More Chafed Inner Thighs For Me! I’m Never Going Back To Baggy Trunks Again.”
  • Baggy trunks or shorts can cause a lot of chafing in-between your thighs when walking, especially when the fabric gets wet. And is there anything more annoying than getting a chafing rash in-between your thighs during a fun day out on the water?
  • Since men’s swim bikini briefs don’t have all that extra fabric, they dry much faster, preventing the worry of potential inner thigh chafing. Score!
3. “I Could Never Get The Sizing Right With Swimming Trunks. Too Tight, And I Get A Muffin Top. Too Loose, And My Body Looks Disproportionate. But In A Swim Brief, I Finally Look And Feel More Masculine And Confident.”
  • Men’s swimwear briefs are exceptionally flattering. No, you don’t have to have a bodybuilding physique, complete with a six-pack and super-toned tuchus to pull off the look of a men's swim brief.
  • The way our women’s and men’s swimwear briefs are cut works for literally all body types. And believe it or not, they’re less constricting than some elastic swimming trunks out there. Their form-fitting material doesn’t pinch the skin, but rather smooths out the skin, avoiding any potential muffin-top action.
4. “Regular Trunks Were Always My Go-To, But I Could Never Find One That Expressed My Vibrant Personality. That Is Until I Slipped On A Swimsuit Brief. The Color, The Style, And The Design Screamed My Name. I Haven’t Looked Back Since.”
  • Don’t get us wrong, traditional trunks can be a fun style to rock. But some of them look no different than regular everyday shorts.
  • Our women’s and men’s swimwear briefs, on the other hand, are not only stylish, but they’re also edgy too. They start conversations and make a statement that you are a confident, self-assured, playful individual.
  • Seuss was right: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” And with Kaftko briefs, you most certainly will stand out in the most positive way!
  • So now, let’s talk specifically about Kaftko’s swimsuit briefs, and what makes them so different from the rest…

Kaftko “The Brief” Swimsuit

men’s swim briefs - Kaftko

First things first, we don’t create our swimsuit briefs for only men or women, they’re for everyone and anyone!

With over 30 styles, colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, our standard swim briefs are created to express your personality in the most comfortable and liberating ways possible.

Their snug fit ensures that they’ll stay in place at all times — allowing you to take on those crashing waves worry-free!

What’s more, our standard swim briefs can be paired with our unique and fashion-fluid kaftans, KAMP collection, and other accessories. Seriously, we have something for everyone!

Now, if you’re wondering why we keep referring to “The Brief” as our standard swim brief, that’s because we’re also the creators of “The Euro Brief”. These swim briefs are a little more daring, and a bit more shapely. But we’ll save that brief for another time.

If you’re still on the fence about sliding your derriere into one of our swim briefs, not to worry… we had you in mind. We’ve created form-fitting swim shorts and versatile swim trunks as well. See, we weren’t joking when we said there’s literally something for everyone.

And the best part? All of our collections are fully fashion fluid, which means they’re created for all: her, him, and their. It doesn’t matter if you’re younger, older, smaller, or bigger; if you want it, we’ve got it!

With all that said, if you’re still asking yourself, Should I Wear Swim Briefs?...

The answer is simple: If you’re tired of the non-supportive, extra fabric, increased chafing, unflattering, hot and sticky, not-so-stylish bulky shorts, or traditional trunks, then the swim brief is definitely for you!

If you’re more concerned about when to wear swim briefs, we say anytime you want, and whenever you feel comfortable! You can wear them at the pool, on the lake, at the beach, or a fun, festive event.

And if you’re hung up about how to wear swim briefs, it’s quite simple: you just slip them on with your head held high! And if you catch someone looking, they’re probably taking mental notes of how awesome you look in your Kaftko swimsuit briefs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a jump on your summer or vacation attire, and get your swimsuit brief today. It will be one of the most comfortable, freeing, and fashionable purchases you ever make!


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