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White Kaftans

White Kaftans

What comes to mind when you think of white clothes?

Maybe you think white clothes are meant for things like weddings, hospitals, or making those sheet ghosts. Or maybe white seems like a color you only wear during the summer.

But wearing white is actually more likely to make you look fresh, sleek, and modern and can even help show off some of your best assets. And the same goes for wearing a white kaftan. If you are not afraid to wear white after Labor Day and think white kaftans need a place in your wardrobe then read on to learn about different types of kaftans, why you may need a white kaftan, and ways to wear one.

DIAMOND//The Original Kaftan

What does wearing white say about you?

Your clothes can say a lot about you, and the color of your clothing is a big part of that message. We’ve looked at a few misconceptions about wearing white already, but let’s dive a little deeper.

Many people view brightly colored clothes as fun, black clothes as mysterious, and red clothes as sexy. And while white clothes are sometimes thought of as clean, pure, and innocent, white is actually timeless and always in style. Some might even describe white as peaceful, and we could all use a little peace these days.

And sure, wearing white is great in the spring and summer because doing so can help you feel cooler, but white clothes (and white kaftans) can definitely serve in the fall and winter.

On another note, if auras are your thing, giving off a white aura means you appear bright, glowing, and strong. And wearing white can give off these same vibes. Who wouldn’t want that?

Why you need a white kaftan

Now that you know how stylish white can be, we have a few more reasons why a white kaftan should be your next purchase:

  • Wearing white makes you look sleek and modern, just like a kaftan will.
  • White brings out other colors, which means you can show off your new hair color, tan, makeup, or statement accessories while wearing a white kaftan.
  • White is a blank canvas, so you can design an entire style centered around your white kaftan because it is neutral.
  • White helps show off the design, lightness, and flow of your kaftan.
  • Wearing white can promote confidence.
  • White kaftans are easy to match with other pieces, like shoes, accessories, hats, and whatever else you have dying to wear.

You probably now know more than you ever really wanted to know about wearing white (sorry not sorry), so we can finally start talking about white kaftans specifically.

Types of white kaftans

Before we talk about white kaftans, we should answer a couple of common questions about kaftans in general. First, the answer to “can anyone wear a kaftan” is a resounding YES! Kaftko kaftans in particular have been designed for anyone and everyone. That means we have white kaftans for men, women, and everybody in between.

Another common kaftan question is “what is the difference between kaftan and caftan”? And the answer to that one is, well, nothing. The words “kaftan” and “caftan” have the same meaning. So when you are looking to buy a kaftan online don’t be surprised to also see one described as a caftan.

Enough of the question-and-answer session. Let’s start getting into the nitty-gritty.

Kaftko has made long white kaftans for the beach, lounging, sexy time, and basically any other occasion you can think of. If you are familiar with our kaftans, you know we have a few different styles, ranging from the semi-sheer Original Kaftan to the warm, plush Kozy Bear.

If you want to unleash your inner beast, the fully white Polar Bear Kozy Bear kaftan can keep you and a snuggle buddy warm on a chilly winter night. Or, if you are looking for a lighter option, the semi-sheer white and black Geo Tribe Original Kaftan can be a summertime poolside cover-up that can easily transition to a night out. And if you have been wanting to try a white kaftan in our new V3 kaftan design then you can do that too. Inspired by a day on the beach, The Newport Strip V3 kaftan gives off a light and airy vibe, while the Chevron print V3 kaftan is a modern take on a white kaftan.

No matter which style or design you choose for your next long white kaftan, you’ve got options.


Ways to wear a white kaftan

A white kaftan is a great beach cover-up, but it can be more than that.

The way you wear your white kaftan will probably depend on the style you choose. You already know the Polar Bear Kozy Bear kaftan is the perfect choice for a cold night by the fire, but what about other white kaftans (and kaftans in general, for that matter)?

While The Original Kaftan is a great semi-sheer, long kaftan for the beach and V2 is its non-sheer sister, the 100% rayon V3 kaftan is your modern street style statement piece.

Any one of these kaftans can be worn alone and speak for themselves, but you can also add a bit of your own style to give off some extra flare. The right shorts, belt, hat, briefs, shoes, bandana, or jewelry can have you feeling like others need to get on your street style level.

The wrap-up

Whether you are looking for white kaftan dresses, men’s white kaftans, or a long white kaftan for any style or body type, you can find what you are looking for. With multiple styles to choose from that are all flattering on any body type, Kaftko Kaftans are made for all people, and we mean all people (even kids!). And now that you know there are many different ways to wear a white kaftan (or any color kaftan), there’s no reason why you can’t make a kaftan look completely your own.


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