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The Kozy Bear: The Hooded Bathrobe With A Twist

The Kozy Bear: The Hooded Bathrobe With A Twist

Self-care is more important than ever these days. There are tons of things you can do to take care of yourself, from meditation and yoga to a night out with friends. Or maybe your idea of the ultimate night of self-care is a warm bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a good book.

After that bath, what better way to treat yourself than with a luxuriously soft hooded bathrobe that will feel like butter against your squeaky-clean skin as soon as you slip it on?

But we must note: The Kozy Bear isn’t your standard, typical hooded bathrobe, and that’s what makes it incredible. There’s no bulky tying, no limited use. Just throw it on and take full advantage of its versatility. Out of the bath? Lounging around? Looking for a comfortable outfit to run your errands in? Our Kozy Bear is just the garment you’re looking for.

Maybe you think you can only buy women’s hooded bathrobes, or maybe you’ve just never thought of buying a nice bathrobe. No matter what, we’ve got your back. This post will tell you everything you would ever need to know about hooded bathrobes, and why our Kozy Bear is more than just your average hooded robe.

Keep reading to find out more about the best hooded bathrobes, like why you need one in your life ASAP, different ways to use and wear a hooded bathrobe, how to find the best one for you, and how Kaftko hooded bathrobes are different from our signature kaftans. 

Hooded bathrobe - Kaftko

What Is A Hooded Bathrobe?

This might seem like a silly question. Right now, you are probably thinking “of course I already know what a hooded bathrobe is”. But stick with us!

Did you ever think maybe you aren’t doing the whole bathrobe thing right? Well, maybe and maybe not. Either way, we want to take this time to cover all the specifics of our very own bathrobes with hoods, so let’s get started.

Sure, you already know what a bathrobe is. It’s that soft towel-like, terry-cotton thing you wrap around yourself after a bath or shower, or when you’re just lounging at home. But we’re here to tell you that you can do more with the right hooded house robe or bathrobe.

At Kaftko, we think your soft hooded bathrobe can also be your loungewear, cooking dinner-wear, hanging with friends-wear, or whatever-wear. You see, we now have two hooded kaftans that were designed to be worn during any of these occasions, The Kozy and The Kozy Bear.

The first thing that makes our hooded bathrobes unique is that they slip on over your head, which means you don’t have to worry about that annoying belt that you can never seem to keep tied or a bathrobe that tends to fall open at all the wrong moments. Also unlike these troublesome bathrobes is the fact that ours are not made from terry-cotton. Both of our versions are made with a super soft and luxurious jersey knit lining that will feel amazing against your skin.

Also, both The Kozy and The Kozy Bear come in regular (45”) and tall (50”) sizes and are designed to have a flowy fit on all sorts of body types. Other flattering features of our bathrobes with hoods are the deep, plunging V-necklines, side slits to help you show off your legs, all-important pockets you need, and the perfect fit.

Of course, both hooded bathrobes from Kaftko come with, well, a hood. An oversized hood to be worn (or not worn) any way you like. And we have to mention the well-placed pockets on The Kozy and The Kozy Bear. Most everyone loves pockets. They can keep your hands warm, hold your phone, or even be a secret hiding place for small things, like cookies!

The Kozy vs. The Kozy Bear

Now, you are probably wondering, how are The Kozy and The Kozy Bear different, and why did we make two kinds?

While both have jersey knit linings on the inside, The Kozy is made of rayon jersey all over, while The Kozy Bear has a polyester plush teddy outside. This means The Kozy may be the better option in warmer months or the fall, while The Kozy Bear could be your best friend during the winter.

Both bathrobes with hoods also have wood toggle closures about halfway up the deep V-necklines. However, The Kozy Bear also has a hook and eye closure at the very top of the neckline.

Besides the plush teddy outside, what really gives The Kozy Bear the “bear” in its name is the optional clip-on bear ears that can be attached to the oversized hood for a playful look. You will already be feeling like a cuddly bear while wearing this plush version of our take on a hooded bathrobe, so you might as well add the bear ears to the mix! 

So, you have just been introduced to our luxury hooded bathrobes, but just on the surface level. Let’s look at why you need a hooded house robe in your life next.

Hooded bathrobes - Kaftko

Why Should You Choose A Hooded Bathrobe?

We are spending more time than ever in our homes, and while the introverts love it and the extroverts hate it, loungewear has been taken to the next level since the year 2020 hit, and we are here for it.

Many people are also spending more time taking care of themselves these days, which is a good thing. After all, you can’t take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself. Preach!

One way you can practice self-care is to wear things that make you feel good both inside and out, and the best hooded bathrobes can do just that. A super-soft hooded robe will help you relax after another hard day and keep you warm on those cold winter nights, all while looking chic. 

Speaking of chic, remember those terry-cloth bathrobes with the annoying belt that never works properly you thought this post was going to be about? That’s not what we’re talking about when we talk about chic. We’re talking about the flattering fit plus the deep V-necklines and thigh slits on The Kozy and The Kozy Bear that show off all the right places and make you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror or catch your partner sneaking a peak.

If you’ve been wanting to feel sexier around your house, our hooded bathrobes can get you there.

Not only that, but we need to talk about one of the most important parts of hooded spa robes…the hood! A hood adds warmth, a little bit of mystery and intrigue, and a cover for your hair that you haven’t washed in a few days. If you are going for relaxation and comfort when wearing our super soft hooded robe, then the hood is the part of the robe that brings it all together.

If you still are not convinced that you need a hooded house robe, here is where we really bring it home. Kaftko bathrobes are versatile and can be more than a bathrobe with a hood. The Kozy and The Kozy Bear have been designed to be worn any way you want, meaning you don’t have to wear them only in the comfort of your home.

Besides being the ultimate hooded bathrobes, The Kozy would make an amazing errand-running outfit while The Kozy Bear is the perfect coat replacement on a chilly day. The options don’t end there though. You are free to wear these (and all our kaftans, for that matter) in any way that you want and that makes you feel great.

Let’s move on and talk a bit more about the versatility of The Kozy and The Kozy Bear and other ways to use a hooded bathrobe.

How To Wear A Hooded Bathrobe

We have already touched on a few ways to use a hooded bathrobe, but we should expand on this subject a bit.

But first, let’s talk about the different names for bathrobes with hoods to clear up any confusion. Hooded bathrobes go by many other names, such as hooded spa robes, hooded house robes, shower robes with hoods, housecoats with a hood, or, if you’re in the Kaftko fam, The Kozy or The Kozy Bear. Whatever you prefer to call it, the gist of how you use a hooded bathrobe is essentially the same.

While you may be thinking that a bathrobe should only be worn for a short time after a bath or shower, we’re here to tell you to throw that old rule out the window. When you are the proud owner of a luxury hooded bathrobe, you get to wear it any way you choose. And that goes for both inside your house and out.

That’s right, our hooded bathrobes for adults were designed to be worn in the comfort of your home as well as out and about. As we said before, we have briefly touched on a few ways to wear either The Kozy or The Kozy Bear, but we want to dive in a bit deeper and cover more ways to use our version of bathrobes with hoods.

We’ll start with some of the more obvious ways to use a nice bathrobe from Kaftko then go from there. So, without further ado, here are ideas for how to use our hooded bathrobes:

  • Slip on a soft hooded bathrobe after you step out of an uber-relaxing bath or shower to keep the good vibes going with a cozy, elegant look.
  • Keep that silky smooth bathrobe on while you do whatever you need to do around the house, like cook, clean, chill on the couch, read a book, water your plants, do your skincare routine, or binge-watch your favorite guilty pleasure show with a cool drink (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, anyone?).
  • Wear your hooded bathrobe while you primp and prep for a night out or in.
  • Take a nap while wearing the blanket-like Kozy Bear.
  • Work from home in your hooded bathrobe (but maybe take the hood off during Zoom meeting…just a thought!).
  • Step out in the broad daylight in The Kozy to run your errands, go to yoga, or grab morning coffee with a friend.
  • Then keep The Kozy on as you roll into dinner out with your partner or a fun night out.
  • Layer up with The Kozy Bear when stepping outside in the cooler months.
  • Think of any way you want to wear your luxury hooded bathrobe, whether at home or out, and do it! Kaftko hooded bathrobes are made to be worn in any way that makes the wearer look and feel great. 

Remember, The Kozy is our lighter hooded bathrobe that will work best in the fall or spring, while The Kozy Bear is plush and made for winter or cooler climates. Of course, these are simply tips and not rules. And if you are wondering about what to wear in the summer, then you must not have met our Original Kaftans yet (or V2, or V3).

Shawl collar - Kaftko

How To Find The Best Hooded Bathrobe For You

So far in this post, you have been given probably more information than you ever thought you would need about hooded bathrobes. While we think this has all been super valuable and helpful information, you may still be wondering how to choose the best hooded bathrobe to fit you and your needs.

And while we have also shared tidbits about the specifics of The Kozy and The Kozy Bear here and there, in this section we want to break down all of Kaftko’s options for hooded bathrobes and help you find the best one for your life.

Let’s get into it.

Colors and prints:

  • The Kozy currently comes in four colorful prints: Arabesque, Buffalo, Kamo, and Eyes.
  • The Kozy Bear comes in 10 solid colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, and white) and one delectable leopard print. Good luck picking your favorite. But if you can’t pick a favorite, then check out our bundle deals where you can get two Kozy Bears for 15% off or four for 20% off. 


  • Both The Kozy and The Kozy Bear come in regular and tall full-length sizes. The regular is 45” long and the tall is 50” long.
  • The Kozy Bear also comes in a short size that is 40” long.
  • Both are meant to have a flowy fit that looks great on bodies of all shapes and sizes. 

Fabrics and materials:

  • The Kozy is made from 100% rayon jersey knit, which has a luxurious feel you’ll love to wear and that has the perfect weight.
  • The Kozy Bear also has a jersey knit lining that will feel silky smooth against your skin. But the outside of this one is a polyester teddy plush material that is super soft and cozy. 

The neckline:

  • We love a deep plunging V-neck, which is why you get one whether you choose The Kozy or The Kozy Bear (or both).
  • About halfway up the open V-neck, there is a wood toggle closure in both options.
  • The Kozy Bear has a second hook and eye closure at the very top of the V-neck. 

Additional features:

  • You get an oversized hood and pockets in both Kaftko hooded bathrobes.
  • The Kozy Bear has optional and removable teddy bear ears for the hood that are a little fun and a little flirty. 

Hopefully, these points will help you choose the best hooded bathrobe for you. But if you still can’t decide which one is best for your life, then check out some of our 5-star reviews to read what others have to say about why they love their Kaftko luxury hooded bathrobes.

The Original Kaftan, The Kozy, And The Kozy Bear

We want to briefly mention that The Kozy and The Kozy Bear are a bit different from our Original Kaftans or V2 and V3. And while we love being different, there are also plenty of similarities. Don’t worry you’ll look great in all of these.

The biggest difference between all our kaftans is the materials used to make them.

The Original Kaftan is made from semi-sheer 100% polyester chiffon that makes this kaftan very lightweight, breathable, and perfect for a trip to the beach. We then made V2 and V3 a tad more modest (but still ever so chic) with non-sheer materials, with V2 being made from crepe de chine and V3 from rayon. These two kaftans are still extra light and flowy and great for your summer months' street style.

When we got to The Kozy, we wanted something great for fall, so this one is non-sheer and made from 100% rayon jersey. And The Kozy Bear is your wintertime buddy that will keep you toasty with the jersey lining and polyester plush outer layer for added warmth.

The necklines also differ in each of our kaftans, giving them all an identity of their own. You already know about the deep V-necklines on the hooded bathrobes we’ve been talking about for what feels like hours now and our Original Kaftan also has that same deep V-neck. What can we say, we love a plunging neckline. While V2 keeps the V-neck dream alive, this shawl collar neckline is less of a deep plunge and more of a shallow plunge. But we really switched things up with V3 with a crew neckline and flirty center split opening with button closure.

All our kaftans and Kozies have flowy sleeves, an overall loose but flattering fit, and plenty of opportunities to show off your legs. And with plenty of colors and prints to choose from in all these options, you can have a kaftan or Kozy for almost any occasion.

As we said when talking about all the different materials used to make our kaftans, some will be more comfortable in warm climates while others will feel great in the winter. Basically, what we are trying to get at is that we have now made it so you can wear a kaftan year-round. You’re welcome!

Plush material - Kaftko

Final Notes

Now that you have been fully educated on bathrobes with hoods (and even bathrobes without hoods), it’s time to part ways. You’ve officially been given all the tools you would ever need to pick out your next extra cozy and soft hooded robe. You should also be thrilled to now know you never have to deal with a terry-cotton bathrobe belt ever again.


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