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About the artist

Hossein Edalatkhah

Hossein Edalatkhah, (b. 1979, Tehran) combines Social, Political, Historical, Sexual, and Religious themes. In his works, traditional Persian symbols, materials, and figures, often melt into each other in phallic forms, and symbolize the cultural “erection“ he is concerned with.⁠

Hossein Edalatkhah was granted the extraordinary ability artist visa from the US government, which is granted to people who demonstrated records of extraordinary achievement in the art industry, and has been recognized internationally for those achievements.⁠

He lives and works in New York.⁠

The print

Garden of Eden

In this “Garden of Eden” series, Edalatkhah critiques the American Dream, by revisiting his childhood doodles in an attempt to search for purity and innocence.⁠

“The void in my angels shows how pure human mind and soul can be, and at the same time, ready to be filled with anything, or any ideology it comes in contact with”.⁠

His unique portrayal of queer symbols, Feminism, gender roles, and his objection to male dominance in society can be found throughout his paintings. Blurring the lines of representation and abstraction, his use of artificial realism captures romance in his modern and emotional take on cubism. He is not only exploring gender and ambiguity, but also depicting his response to being submerged in a new culture as an immigrant.⁠


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