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Kaftans for Women


From lounging at home to a one and done chic outfit, kaftans are versatile, easy to wear and style, and most importantly - crazy comfortable.

There’s a reason the kaftan has stood the test of centuries as an iconic design and garment. Nowadays, women consider jeans and a t-shirt to be an easy casual outfit, but you still have to find your perfect fit in jeans and the t-shirt that sits and feels just right. What they don’t know is there is an elegant and even simpler option in the kaftan. The kaftan traditionally comes in an open and loose design and, despite being wide and non-tailored design, they are made in fabrics that drape and fall in an elegant and flattering silhouette on any beautiful body type. Wearing a kaftan is truly as easy as finding your favorite color or print, and throwing it on. Anything more than that is just optional.

Kaftans for a woman’s closet has always been a classic item in women’s fashion, even though, culturally and historically, they originate as a very functional and everyday item for men, and coverall garment for women. The loose design has always been created to keep men and women cool on a hot Arabian day. They have always come in various styles from light weight and simple for day time and everyday, to lavishly decorated pieces for formal affairs and outings. Women have also always worn them both as comfortable items around the house and as an easy outfit outside the house.

The kaftan can follow women throughout their busy days, making them useful, fun, and of course stylish.

The After Shower Frock: Kaftans are the perfect item to throw on right after your morning shower – nobody wants to put on tight clothes after a steamy cleanse. Use it to get ready in and feel light and free in your own skin. It’s the robe that never falls open or slips. Not to mention most towels or robes don’t come in gorgeous and vibrant prints that feel joyful. The Original Kaftan by Kaftko comes in many beautiful colorful prints that make you feel like you’re wearing art.

The Easy Bold Look: After you’ve gotten yourself ready for your day, you might look in the mirror and see your kaftan suddenly doesn’t feel like just a robe, but the perfect dress or layer for a stellar outfit. Try throwing on a slip underneath for comfort and wear the kaftan as a day dress. With some quick accessorizing, you’ve got an easy and fun outfit. If you’re feeling adventurous, The Original Kaftan by Kaftko works as a great top layer. Throw it over shorts or even jeans. Show your own style by layering a fun t-shirt or tank top underneath. And if you’re feeling extra fun, try the Kaftko Tuck by tucking the front flap of The Original Kaftan in your shorts or jeans. It’s so lightweight that any tucked fabric just disappears.

The After Work Delight: Whatever your busy day of work and life looks like, at the end of a long day every woman needs that moment of letting go and feeling free. With a woman and her kaftan, that moment is as easy as kicking off your shoes or tossing those pants aside. You’re already in the comfiest thing you own – a free flowing, lightweight lounge wear item that makes you feel like a million bucks. Sure, sweats are great, but no lounge sweat set has the glamorous appeal that a kaftan has.

The Accidental Negligee: We are long past the times where women’s sleep wear is expected to be prim and perfect negligees. Who has the time or energy? The best moment, though, when you’re tired and ready to sleep but don’t feel like getting up and changing, is realizing that your perfect kaftan outfit definitely also feels like the perfect thing to fall asleep in. You’ll feel sexy, comfortable, and free and won’t have to move a muscle. And if you wake up the next morning and wear it all over again – well, we won’t tell!

Kaftans for women are like peanut butter to jelly – most just don’t know it yet. Kaftans are an underrated closet staple for women and so much more than a fancy beach wear look. With an easy free fit, beautiful colors and prints, and versatility to keep you wearing it for days, kaftans are arguable the most necessary women’s fashion essential.


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