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Kaftans for Dresses


The Best Kaftan Dresses

Kaftko has redefined the Kaftan dress as we know it, and missing the opportunity to have this gorgeous, eye-grabbing garment in your closet is simply not an option. Give your wardrobe the pop of color and style it needs with our offering of stunningly-designed Kaftans.

Kaftan dresses make a uniquely beautiful statement all on their own, but when Kaftko entered the game, they officially, and permanently, raised the style bar level.

Are you a first-time Kaftan wearer? Even if that’s true, you’ve surely seen others rock the style before. A Kaftan dress can be described as one of the most elegant and beautiful garments you can wear. They are known for their loosely-fitting yet always flattering and freely-flowing appearance. And despite the opinions of some, Kaftans are not only a fashion choice for the beach.

The amazing thing about Kaftans is that their versatility allows for wearability just about anywhere and everywhere. Heading to the beach? Great! Lounging at home? Awesome! Going on a date? Break it out! Style these dresses however you may; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. And the best part? You can wear your Kaftan dress from morning to night… talk about convenience!

Now that you’re fully aware of just how versatile, elegant, and downright on-trend these staple dresses are, let’s dive into some of our favorite styles.

The Original Kaftan

Yep, you guessed it! Our go-to, most-loved Kaftan of choice is nothing other than The Original Kaftan. Who said classic had to be simple? Not us.

The Original Kaftan by Kaftko is the go-anywhere, do-anything modern Kaftan made for all. Perfect summer layer? Yes. Beach cover up? Yes. Binge watch and lounge? Definitely. Sexy nighty? Why the heck not? Just pick your print, and play.

Reasons to be obsessed with The Original Kaftan:

  • Semi-sheer & plunging V neckline
  • Lightweight, breathable silk-like fabric
  • 100% Polyester Chiffon
  • Universally flattering fit
  • One size fits most with 2 height options
  • 30 different colors and patterns to choose from

Some of our absolute favorite and best-selling patterns include Palm Springs, Splash Stripe, Pride-O-Scope, Koi, Fly, Technicolor, and Wild Night. (As you can see, even we struggle to narrow down our favorite Original Kaftan to just one color choice. Who says you have to?)

If you’re new to the Kaftan game or want to achieve a “classic, yet not boring” style, The Original Kaftan is your new closet’s bestie.

The Original Kaftan V2

The Original Kaftan V2 by Kaftko is the more demure sister to The Original Kaftan. The higher V-Neck and non-sheer material makes The Original Kaftan V2 the perfect transitional Kaftan to cooler months, as well as a great wear-on-its-own look at home or out in the wild. Just pick your print, and play.

  • Non-sheer & higher V neckline
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric
  • 100% Crêpe De Chine: luxury, high quality polyester for durability
  • Universally flattering fit
  • One size fits most with 2 height options

Our Kaftko picks for V2 include Diamond, Tropic, Sheba, Kiss Kiss, Pixel, Palm Springs, Nazar, and Verge. We bet you can’t pick just one either.

Ready to step it up a notch and upgrade your style? The Original Kaftan V2 is calling your name.

The Kozy

The Kozy reinvents what it means to lounge, and what it means to Kaftan.

It's a kozier take on our overnight cult-favorite Original Kaftan. Made with a luxurious jersey knit, it leaves you free to move comfortably but cloaked in a delectable hug-like feeling. With an oversized hood and perfectly placed pockets, you’ll want The Kozy wherever you go.

It's your one-and-done stylish fall-layer. It’s your adult approved comfort blankie. It’s your post yoga, instant fab look. Wear it a million ways, but always feel one thing - KOZY. And of course, it includes fabulous components including:

  • 100% Rayon Jersey Knit
  • Natural Fiber; Luxurious Feel
  • Deep V-Neckline with Wood Toggle Closure

We swear you’ve never Kaftan-ed like this before, and once you try The Kozy way of life, you’ll never want to go back. Cute and comfortable? Sign us up, please. Looking for the best prints to choose from? We suggest our fan-favorites, including Arabesque, Buffalo, Kamo, and Eyes. But really, you can’t go wrong with any choice you make.

The Kozy Bear

The Kozy Bear by takes KOZY #kaftkolife to a whole new level.

It's the koziest take on our overnight cult-favorite Original Kaftan. Made with plush teddy material and a jersey knit lining, it gives you a silky smooth feel on the inside, and a winter ready layer on the outside. With an oversized hood, perfectly placed pockets, and optional bear ears, you’ll want The KOZY Bear wherever you go.

It's better than your favorite coat. It’s your adult approved teddy bear. It’s your rainy day at home best friend. Wear it a million ways, but always feel one thing - KOZY.

  • 100% Polyester Plush Teddy + Viscose & Spandex Jersey Knit Lining
  • Natural Fiber Lining; Luxurious Feel
  • Deep V-Neckline with Wood Toggle Mid Closure & Hook & Eye Closure at the Neck
  • Optional Bear Ears Clip On & Off

If comfort is what you seek, The Kozy Bear is the life you should choose. Plain and simple. And our favorites? Those would include Cheer, Sun, Joy, Luck, and Bright, to name a few.

The Kaftan Party of 3 Bundle

Are you ready to commit to the Kaftko Kaftan lifestyle? Of course you are. In that case, why not bundle a few of Kaftan dresses that catch your eye most and receive a discount on your order while you’re at it?

Yes, you read that right. Pick any 3 Original Kaftans and/or V2’s of your choice and get 10% off! Why? Because we’re kind like that. AND because we believe that everyone should be rocking Kaftan dresses, and why would you just stop at one? If you’re on board the Kaftko train and ready to ditch those commitment issues, start bundling now.

The Kaftan Party of 5 Bundle

Why limit yourself to 3 Kaftan dresses when 5 earns you a larger discount and, well… more dresses? It doesn’t take a mathematician to see how great of a deal that is. With The Kaftan Party of 5 Bundle, pick any 5 Original Kaftans and/or V2’s of your choice and get 15% off!

If you’re ready to dive into the world of Kaftan head first, it’s time to go big or go home.

Now that you’ve decided to stock up on the stunningly breathtaking dresses, let’s talk about how exactly you can style them. Like we mentioned earlier, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate Kaftans into your daily life.

Calling All Beach Babes

We would be completely remiss if we didn’t highlight the popular and highly preferred, stylish beachwear option that Kaftans make. Not only does the beach call for bright colors, fun designs, and the flowiest dress you can imagine, it also calls for major comfort.

Kaftan dresses check all of these boxes and more. They’re easy to slip on and off, they flow with the ocean breeze effortlessly and comfortably, and, truth be told, they’ll make you feel like a beach goddess even when you’re making the sandy trek back to the car. Yes, even then.

Because Kaftan dresses scream style, it doesn’t take much to coordinate with their appearance. Wear your favorite swimsuit and a cute pair of summer sandals, and voila! You have yourself a true beach babe look.

Feeling Formal?

What other piece of clothing from your wardrobe can you wear to both the beach AND to a formal event? Well, probably several, but none that look appropriate or feel as comfortable. When we say the wearability for Kaftan dresses is limitless, we mean it.

Kaftan dresses make for the perfect formal dress for your next hot date, your next work dinner, or even that wedding coming up next weekend that you totally forgot to buy a dress for. The days of having to sacrifice comfort for formality are over, my friend. Bring that same level of flowy beauty and comfort with you from the beach, right into the evening.

Sweet Dreams

So, you’ve spent your day at the beach, had a fantastic dinner at your favorite restaurant, and now you’re headed home to get comfortable? No need to change into your kozy clothes, because you’re already wearing them. That’s right, Kaftan dresses also make for the perfect loungewear. Why? Because, we’ve already told you several times, they’re mega comfortable!

(Disclaimer: while our Kaftko Kaftan dresses are highly versatile, we don’t actually recommend wearing one to the beach, to a formal event, and to bed all in the same day. That’s a bit gross. Perhaps a quick Kaftan dress change would fix that issue. Hey, have you heard about our bundling option?!)

Have we sold you on this one-of-a-kind must have yet? By this point, you have to answer yes. How could we have not? A bright, gorgeous, comfortable, flowy dress that you can literally wear everywhere? What’s not to love?

Shop our collection of stylishly designed Kaftan dresses and pick from the most wonderful line up on the market. Browse now! The most gorgeous Kaftan dresses. Dress stylishly and enjoy the attention!


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