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Speedos & Swim Briefs: The Perfect Swimwear For Big Guys

Speedos & Swim Briefs: The Perfect Swimwear For Big Guys

The sun is out and the water is calling your name. You’ve got your sunscreen packed, a towel thrown over your shoulder, and a pair of your favorite shades, but the only thing missing… is your speedo.

That One Big Guy In A Speedo On The Beach

Ok, ok… We get it, western culture men aren’t exactly embracing the speedo look en masse… yet.

It’s a really sad sign because they’re missing out… a lot! Just ask the male population in Europe and Brazil. They’re freer than ever when they’re in a speedo. And evenly tanned too, we might add.

You’ve seen those “big guy in a speedo” gifs & videos: “And when I’m at the beach I’m in a speedo tryin’ to tan my cheeks.” It’s true: In a speedo, you don’t have to worry about an awkwardly tanned bum.


big guy speedo - Kaftko

Speedos For Big Guys Are More Than Just A Meme, They’re A Movement

Now we don’t know how it started, or who told you that your image had to be a certain way to wear a speedo or a Euro brief, but they’re wrong—dead wrong! This is especially true for bigger guys.

Seeing a big man in a speedo is great! Just Google the following big guys in speedos: Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and Sean Astin. They’re all sporting a speedo and a smile from ear to ear.

But it’s comedian Bert Kreischer that has truly reawakened the movement of speedos for big guys. In fact, in multiple interviews, Bert Kreischer has been found saying:

“I put on a speedo and it’s like my attitude changes… You get in the water and you’re an athlete… Like a dolphin, I swear to God. You fly through the water and you think to yourself, why would I ever wear shorts? I’m telling you speedos are the best. Try it, try it, try it!”

And here at Kaftko, we 100% agree with Bert! There’s just something about speedos, or swim briefs, that offer way more freedom, comfort, and functionality than that of traditional big guy swimwear. Seriously, there’s no need for all that excess fabric in beachwear for big guys.

That’s why we want to share with you a few reasons why speedos, or swim briefs, are perfect bathing suits for big guys.

Speedo Suits For Big Guys Are Highly Fashionable

In Europe, speedos and swim briefs are a requirement at public pools. And if there’s one thing we know about Europeans, it’s that they are highly fashionable!

But since speedos are the swimsuit version of tighty whities, you might be wondering: How do I style a big guy speedo? 

Speedos, or Euro briefs, come in various colors and fun patterns, so you can express your unique personality through the style of your swim brief.

You can even pair your stylish speedo with a kamp collar shirt, a kaftan, or a kimono. Seriously, you’ll be the big guy on the scene that everyone wishes they could be. All you’ll need to complete your outfit is a sun hat, a pair of shades, and a nice cigar.

Speedos For Big Guys Are Gaining Popularity

Sure, there are tons of big men in swimming trunks, and even more, bigger guys in swimming shorts. But believe it or not, more and more dudes are beginning to start implementing the speedo for big guys movement.

That’s because wearing a speedo screams confidence and a fun personality. And let us tell you, that’s the kind of guy you want to be. That’s the kind of guy every dude wants to be. No wonder everyone loves Jack Black and Will Ferrell… they’re just living their best lives as freely as they can.

This brings us to our final point…

speedos - Kaftko

A Speedo For A Big Guy Is A Freeing Experience

Andy Richter once said, “The primo way to swim is naked and speedos are one step away.”

Here’s the deal: big guy swim trunks and shorts aren’t nearly as freeing and comfortable as speedos or swim briefs. They have way too much extra fabric that restricts you from moving in the water. They weigh you down, then bunch up, and can even cause that annoying “chub rub” in between your thighs.

But speedos, well, they’re the next best thing to being in your birthday suit. That’s why we say, take advantage of it whenever you can!


Where Can I Find A Big Guy Speedo?

If you’re looking for a big guy speedo, or swim brief that encompasses fashion, popularity, confidence, comfort, and freedom, then say hello to Kaftko swim briefs.

We offer both a traditional, more conservative swim brief, and a Euro brief, which is a little less fabric and a little more freedom.

Even if you think you don’t have a speedo body, you do! All you have to do is try one and put it on… Boom, you have a speedo—or swim brief—body! And guess what? Everyone will envy you for it!

Still not convinced? Then ease your way into a speedo with our Kaftko swim shorts and trunks. But be warned… It’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in our awesome and oh-so-freeing speedo swim briefs.


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