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Beach Cover Ups

Beach Cover Ups


Picture this: You have just woken up in your hotel room on a beach vacation. You eat a quick breakfast, gulp some water, and decide to hit the beach for a swim. You put on your bathing suit and start to walk out the door. But then you realize you need some kind of clothing to throw on over your bathing suit so you can walk through the hotel lobby in front of the eyes of families eating breakfast together. Fortunately for you, you have a beach cover up that is sexy, easy to put on, doesn’t compromise your style and, hands-down beats wearing a towel on an elevator.

Read on to learn more about why you need beach cover ups, the different ways to wear one, where to find the best beach cover ups, and why they go with just about everything.

What counts as a beach cover up?

A beach cover up (or bikini cover, swimsuit cover up, etc.) typically resembles dresses, tunics, robes, or other draping garments that can be worn over a bathing suit when at the beach or pool.

You can get sheer swimsuit cover ups, mesh cover ups, long cover ups, short cover ups, and more. A cover up may be made from chiffon, cotton, silk, or some other lightweight material and can come in any print, color, and pattern you could ever dream of. Basically, beach cover ups come in a variety of styles, fabrics, prints, and colors.

The best cover - ups are not about hiding anything, but upgrading your vacation look to an amazing vacation ready statement!". You probably searched for the perfect bathing suit, so why cover it up with something boring or something that completely hides your suit?

A beach cover up can be comfortable fabulously freeing. And at Kaftko, we think swimsuit cover ups can be both masculine and feminine, men's or women's. You may be thinking that cover ups are only for women, the best ones are made for all. That’s one reason Kaftko kaftans were made.

Kaftans, or caftans, are a trending choice for swimsuit cover ups. You know those movie scenes when a beautiful person is walking slowly by the ocean thinking about life in a billowing dress-like garment, looking absolutely stunning in the breeze? That’s a kaftan.

Kaftans are super flowy and can be long or short, with wide sleeves that allow extra airflow. Many kaftans come in bold, statement-making prints that are sure to turn envious heads.

Why do you need a beach cover up?

The most obvious answer to why you need a beach cover up is that sometimes you need a quick and easy way to throw something on over your swimsuit when at the beach or pool, like when you go inside for food or drinks, for example.

A good beach cover up can also offer some protection from the sun, especially if it is long and has flowy sleeves. You'll still need your sunblock, but a flowing kaftan cover up offers just enough cover to cool you down and catch a nice breeze.

Another great thing about a sexy beach cover up is that it is easy to put on quickly. The sudden need for the restroom? Throw on a beach cover up and run inside. 

Besides covering up to walk from your hotel room to the beach or to protect yourself from the sun, a beach cover up is actually more versatile than the name lets off. In fact, you have probably seen someone else wearing a swimsuit cover up at lunch, dinner, or out for drinks many times without realizing it. You can quickly and easily turn a beach look into a dinner look with the right sexy swimsuit cover up.

The right beach cover up can even elevate your look and have people asking, “where did you get that?” (the answer will be Kaftko, obviously). When rocking an always flattering, semi-sheer Original Kaftan design with a plunging neckline and desirable print as your beach cover up, you may find yourself answering that question repeatedly.


How to style a beach cover up

You can wear a kaftan beach cover up in more than one way and for more than one reason. As we have already covered a bit, you already know how to wear your swimsuit cover up at the beach or pool, but what about wearing it in other places?

You could wear a bathing suit cover up at a poolside or beachside restaurant when taking a break from the sun to have a meal with friends. Many kaftans, including our Original Kaftan, are semi-sheer and appropriate for a beachside meal. For a little more coverage, the Original Kaftan V2 could be a great option for running errands or grabbing coffee with a friend.

Once you get into one of our sexy beach cover ups, you will find that it is also a great stay-at-home outfit for those days when you just don’t want to get off the couch (no judgment!).

Either style of Kaftko Kaftans can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion and your personal style. When you are done with the beach and ready for a night out, you could easily change out of your swimwear and put on something else under your kaftan beach cover up.

You could add leggings or jeans under your kaftan for cooler nights, or if you know you will be mostly inside. A statement belt and some good sandals or heels could be another option. Adding these plus any other accessories you may want to wear with your sexy swimsuit cover up could make it a great outfit any time of the year.

More about Kaftko Kaftan beach cover ups 

We currently have two versions of the Kaftko Kaftan, the Original Kaftan and the Original Kaftan V2. The Original Kaftan was the first Kaftko design from Oday and was created from his desire to balance both masculine and feminine qualities into a garment that also aligned with his Iraqi roots as well as his American roots.

Both versions of our take on the kaftan can easily and effortlessly be worn as a swimwear cover up. Let’s get to know each one a little better, shall we?

The Original Kaftan

  • If you are on the search for a sexy, see-through beach cover up, the Original Kaftan has a plunging V-neckline and is also semi-sheer.
  • It is made from 100% polyester chiffon, making it lightweight, breathable, and the perfect bikini cover up for a hot day at the beach.
  • This may be the better beach day cover up option, especially for hotter days or if you are shopping for a bit of a sexier look.

The Original Kaftan V2

  • Often described as the demure sister of the Original Kaftan, V2 is made from a non-sheer material called Crêpe De Chine – a luxurious material that feels like buttah’ on your skin. The V-neckline on V2 is higher than the one on the Original Kaftan but still sexy as hell.
  • This may be the better option as a transitional piece for cooler months or for wearing out to run errands, or even for the ultimate relaxing night in binging your favorite show and sipping on chardonnay.

We find that one size fits most people for both designs, with our regular size recommended for those 5’9” and under and our tall size for those 5’10” and over. Because Kaftko Kaftans were designed for all people, you can bet on a flattering fit no matter your size. (And hey, for such a versatile and gorgeous garment, you can't be the price.)

Let’s talk about the prints. You will see that all Kaftko Kaftans come in a range of prints, so you can match your mood to your swimwear cover up.

  • If you love (and miss) the 80s, our Ultraviolet kaftan collection will remind you of the good ole days and make you want to pull out your roller skates and jogging suit. All designs are printed in ultraviolet ink and glow under black light (hence the name). You’re sure to turn heads when you shop this collection!
  • Pride month may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your pride all year long! And you can do just that with Kaftko Kaftans in the Ross Mathew X Kaftko Pride-O-Scope collection. People will feel like they are looking through a kaleidoscope when they see you strut down the beach in this look.
  • The Summer Kaftans collection is a one-stop-shop for all the best bathing suit cover ups with all the best summer flare. The collection is full of fun styles that have matching bathing suits to boot!

Final Notes 

Now you know that, at Kaftko, we’ve got bikini cover ups, (semi) see-through cover ups, and fashion fluid bathing suit cover ups for your next vacation or day by the pool. You also know that you can wear your versatile Kaftko Kaftan for a weekend of errands or even a binge-watching snack-a-thon on the couch. With one of our always flattering cover ups you’ll never have to sacrifice fashion or comfort on your next vacation. And you can bet on feeling sexy and feeling yourself when you catch your reflection in the mirror on the way to the beach.


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