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Men's Kimono Robes | What You Should Know About Men’s Kimono Fashion

Men's Kimono Robes | What You Should Know About Men’s Kimono Fashion

Ah, Kimonos! If there’s one piece of clothing that embodied tons of culture and history, it would be the kimono. While initially being made for only special occasions of a person’s life; the 21st century has seen a huge fashion wave in the kimono robe market. Especially to many westerners, the kimono is seen as the embodiment of the symbol of Japan.

Below we break down the history of the kimono and how we at Kaftko have created quality men's kimonos that not only are stylish and breathable but honor the nostalgic past.

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The Historical Origin of Kimonos

The Japanese kimono first appeared during the Nara Period from 710-794.

You see, for generations, Japanese people used one single garment to show off their style, status, age, and emotion.

Did you know that kimono means “a thing you wear”?

What’s more, according to Japanese culture, a kimono is worn with the left side on top of the right side.

Japanese women wear different kimono dress options depending on the different stages of their life.

For example, single women would wear long kimonos with flowing sleeves and vibrant colors. Whereas, the traditional Japanese male Kimono would consist of subdued colors and patterns. 

It’s a very interesting garment, to say the least.

That’s because both women’s and men’s Japanese kimonos are immersed in symbolism for longevity and good fortune. This single garment not only captures elegance, design, and fashion, but it captures a way of life in art form.

But what about western civilizations and kimono robe fashion?

Is it Okay for Foreigners to Wear This Traditional Japanese Garment?

Well, that's the beauty of fashion.

You see, both female and male kimonos are being embraced by millions of people across the world. And they’re all doing it out of respect and appreciation for both Japanese culture and fashion.

A lot of Japanese people want their culture and fashion to be popular around the world. Because, quite frankly, they know their kimonos and Yukatas are downright beautiful.

And since America, Canada, and other parts of the world are becoming more and more of a cultural melting pot, it’s no surprise that the fashion world is finally embracing different fashion cultures as well.

That said, we all know that when it comes to fashion, our female friends are usually the first ones to embrace different designs, patterns, styles, and garments. This usually leaves men on the sideline, dressed in the same boring colors, patterns, and styles.

So this one's for you, fellas!

Today, we aren’t just talking about Japanese kimono fashion, we’re asking you to embrace one of the most highly functional, comfortable, and culture-rich garments of all time: the traditional men’s Kimono!

But you’ve got questions, and we don’t blame you. So let’s start with the most frequently asked question regarding authentic men’s kimono robes

What is a Male Kimono Called?

Believe it or not, male kimonos are called “male kimonos”. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

If you want to know what men in Japan call them, they usually refer to them as Japanese robes for males or just plain ol’ kimonos for guys.

That’s it! Nothing complicated like “kimona” for women and “kimono” for men. It’s simply a “male kimono”.

Now, you might be wondering…

Is There a Difference Between Male & Female Kimonos?

Yes! If there’s one thing we’ve noticed about fashion in different cultures, even in Japan, it’s that males tend to stick to subtle colors and patterns.

Here, let us explain…

A women's kimono usually has very vibrant colors like pink, red, purple, orange, white, green, etc. The patterns are often inspired by nature and stand out to catch any onlooker’s eyes.

Whereas the traditional male kimonos stick to bland colors, like brown, navy, gray, and black. Men’s black kimonos are among the most popular colors for Japanese men because it signifies elegance. 

And as far as patterns go, the male kimono usually doesn't offer any bold patterns, unless, of course, they are made for wedding ceremonies or other formal occasions. In which case, they might have stronger kimono designs for men displayed on the garment. Still, the color black is what makes a men’s formal kimono look more elegant.

Now if you’ve done any research regarding men’s fashion and kimonos, you’ve likely come across the term “Yukata”. Which is yet another traditional Japanese garment.

The only difference is that yukatas are often much more simplified than a traditional kimono for males or females. Which might sound less intimidating, especially if you’re new to kimono fashion, and if you’re a man. 


Which is Better, Yukata or Kimono?

A traditional kimono for Japanese men are often made using more expensive material like silk. They have at least two collars and are much thicker.

Many stylish kimonos for men are pretty long. However, there are a few shorter kimono-style shirt options available for men these days.

Still, if you’re looking for a traditional look, a men’s long kimono is the outfit that suits every male body type.

A yukata is much lighter in weight and is often made from less expensive material like cotton. It only has one collar and is considered the casual version of Japanese male kimonos.

Because a lot of men like the idea of wearing a kimono for every season, you’ll often see stylish kimonos for men in the winter, and lighter-weight yukatas for men in the summer. Some people even refer to summer kimonos as yukata kimonos.

That doesn’t mean one particular style is better than the other; it boils down to personal preference and style.

But we know what you’re thinking….

Are Kimonos in Style for Men?

Absolutely! If there’s one thing we know, it’s fashion. And kimono fashion for men is growing in major popularity, especially for summertime use.

It seems our male friends are finally embracing the freedom and comfortability of men's kimonos. And why not?

Kimonos for guys are made with top-notch material and are perfect for dressing up—and dressing down. And if you’ve ever envisioned yourself on a yacht, then chances are you are styled out in a free-flowing, lightweight long men’s kimono.

Here’s the deal… men are buying kimonos in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. This means you’re only going to start seeing more male kimono fashion in the years to come, so don’t wait to join the kimono party! Please see our size chart to find the right size kimono for your needs!

What’s more, while formal Japanese men’s kimonos come in bland colors like black or gray, we’ve noticed a huge demand for vibrant, bold kimonos among our male clientele.

This brings us to…

Where to Buy Stylish Kimonos?

traditional japanese garmet - Kaftko

Believe it or not, there are a few places where you’ll find men’s kimonos for sale. But most of those places will only offer long men’s kimonos in bland colors. Which is fine, if that’s what you’re into.

But you may be surprised at what a pop of color will do for your appearance, confidence, and overall mood.

Now we weren’t going to say anything, but given that we specialize in male, female, and everyone’s attire, we decided to speak up about our take on men’s traditional kimono fashion. 

Here at Kaftko, we’ve taken the traditional kaftan and have combined it with the formal men’s kimono robe. Thus creating our very unique line of the Kaftko Kimono.

They come in various colors and patterns and are incredibly comfortable and functional.

The best part about our Kaftko kimonos is that they’re made for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, young or old… if you want to wear it, then you should be allowed to.

Our kimonos are perfect for the summer and spring seasons. But with some creativity, you can sport them in the winter and fall seasons too.

Who says men can’t be stylish? We invite all the guys and gals in the world to embrace kimono fashion like never before.

And to all those men out there who are still on the fence about buying a men's kimono… Well once you do, you’ll wish you had discovered men’s kimonos years ago.

If you’re ready to embrace kimono fashion the right way, explore our fashion-fluid line of Kaftko kimonos, swimwear, and other accessories today. We have something for everyone!


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