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Coachella Outfits That Will Turn Heads

Coachella Outfits That Will Turn Heads

What do flower crowns, dream catchers, and brightly colored kaftans all have in common? Coachella!

Ah, yes… Coachella, the music festival that outperforms almost every other music festival in America. Seriously, it’s the two-weekend event of the year! And soon, thousands of people will be flooding the Indio Desert of California for some much-needed party-hopping, music listening, eating, dancing, and once-in-a-lifetime Instagram snaps.

Even though Coachella is in April, springtime in the desert is not as cool and breezy as you might think. With constant sunshine, little to no cloud coverage, and a dry, arid climate, your Coachella fashion needs to be functionally on fleek!

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So before you finish packing your festival wardrobe capsule, we have a few Coachella outfit ideas that will spice up your festival style and functionally keep you comfortable all weekend long. We’ll also give you some much-needed do’s and don’ts regarding your clothes for Coachella as well.

But first, let’s take a step back in time and visit…

The History Of Coachella

It all started with Ticketmaster’s steep service fees targeting both artists and fans. Finally, Pearl Jam had enough! So, in 1999 they looked for alternative venues to host their “Vs” tour. That’s when Goldenvoice promoter Paul Tollett decided to book the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, California.

It was always Paul’s dream to start a unique music festival hidden away in the desert. But with the controversies surrounding the riots during Woodstock ‘99, not even Paul expected to see how much of a success the Coachella festival would become.

Named after the desert region of Southern California, Coachella Valley, the Coachella Music, and Arts Festival is also referred to as Coachella or “Chella”.

Though it’s a pretty good distance from any major city, the goal of Coachella was to attract festival-goers back into the purity of nature where they can absorb both music and art uninterrupted by city life. Well… it was that along with the fact that Pearl Jam and Paul wanted to stick it to Ticketmaster and their expensive surcharges.

Today, Coachella remains one of the largest and most unique music festivals in America, and it marks the start of the rest of the festival season as well.

Coachella has become bigger than a weekend getaway to listen to music. It’s typically held across two weekends in April every year.

You’ll find a mix of artists, audiences, and celebrities all sprinkled throughout the festival grounds. Seriously, it’s not uncommon to run into celebrities like Kendell Jenner, Jared Leto, Leo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens, and others.

But aside from spotting celebrities, listening to mainstream and up-and-coming artists, Coachella is also a hotspot for some of the most unique fashions and creative Bohemian-inspired gorgeous festival outfits in America. It’s a fashion-fluid festival, and that’s how we like it!

However, there are a few hiccups when it comes to outdoor fashion, especially when the outdoors revolve around desert dust, constant sunshine, and sweating bodies.

This brings us to…

Coachella Style Clothes: What Are They?

From tight or flowy Coachella dresses to your more basic Coachella outfits like shorts and a regular t-shirt, there’s seriously a ton of cute & cool Coachella outfits to choose from. And honestly, that’s the best part about Coachella. People of all ages, sizes and fashion backgrounds can express their style through their clothing at Coachella.

If you’re wondering what a Coachella outfit is, or what is Coachella clothing, it’s best described as “Anything Goes” or as we like to call it, Fashion Fluid! Men and women are wearing whatever best expresses their personality. Think bright colors, cool patterns, and tons of flower power.

That said, be prepared to see and even reveal a whole lotta skin. Because the blistering desert heat will make you rethink jackets, long jeans, and even fishnet tights.

Let’s first look at…

Coachella Women’s Fashion

It seems that women have the advantage over men when it comes to Coachella attire. They have the option to wear bohemian-style pants, shorts, shirts, long and short Coachella dresses, lace-style bralettes, and even funky-patterned swimsuit covers.

gorgeous festival outfits - Kaftko

Truth be told, Coachella outfits for girls are awesome! They offer comfortability, style, and even functionality, which means their Coachella clothes are designed to meet the performance of the user in extreme environmental conditions.

For example, a long Coachella dress is often lightweight, very airy, super stylish, and outfitted with pockets. It covers a good portion of your legs and midsection. So, the only thing you’ll need is a floppy sun hat, good walking shoes, and plenty of sunscreens stored in your pockets.

Another ideal Coachella outfit would be breathable shorts, equipped with functional pockets, and a fun Kaftan cover. When it comes to Coachella outfits for females, the more breathable the better—because desert heat isn’t something you want to mess with. We’ll explain in just a second.

But now let’s explore…

Men’s Coachella Style Clothing

While dresses are primarily marketed to women, thanks to some celebrities like Jaden Smith, there are a few highly fashionable Coachella-style dresses for men too.

But we get it… Not every guy feels comfortable buying a men’s Coachella-style dress. This is where stylish kaftans and camp (or kamp) collar shirts come into play.

With the same functionality and comfort of an airy dress, kaftans and kamp collar shirts are incredibly breathable, fun, and stylish. They cover the shoulder just right, without restricting your movement or clinging to your armpit. It’s the next best thing to sleeveless shirts.

cool coachella outfits - Kaftko

Not to mention, kamp collar shirts are also super lightweight, making you feel like you’re wearing a pocket of air. They also look great with breathable shorts or even a pair of trunks… After all, you never know if there’s going to be a Coachella pool party nearby, so it’s best to always be prepared.

Because again, when it comes to your Coachella attire, no matter how you identify, functionality and comfortability are KEY!

Now let’s answer the two most frequently asked questions regarding Coachella clothing:

What Should You NOT Wear To Coachella VS What To Wear To Coachella

If you’ve never been to Coachella or any other music festival for that matter, you likely have no idea what to expect. So let’s first prepare you for what you’ll encounter during your weekends at Coachella. And then we’ll provide you with the right tips and Coachella clothes ideas along the way.

1. You’ll Need A Comfortable Coachella Outfit For Walking, Standing, And Dancing

There’s a whole lotta walking, dancing, and standing at the Coachella music festival. You’re either walking from the shuttle bus to the different security checkpoints, from one music stage to another, exploring the entire festival grounds, or hitting up the many Coachella after-parties. No matter what, you’re on your feet and you’re moving a lot! 

For these reasons, you’ll want to stay away from flip flops, high heels, and tight knee-high black boots. Stick to comfortable walking shoes and even hiking sandals. Note: the downfall of open-toe shoes is that you’ll likely be stepping in some gnarly nastiness around the porta-potty area. Not to mention, the desert dust will have your feet pretty grimy by the end of the night.

You’ll also want to make sure that your Coachella clothing style isn’t too restricting. Stick to loose-fitting upper garments, like our kaftans, kimonos, and kamp collar shirts. Our kaftans come in bright colors and funky patterns, so you’ll not only stand out among the basic Coachella outfits, but you’ll also be comfortable and free.

As for the lower garments, you can go free-flowing or a little more form-fitting. Here at Kaftko, we offer very comfortable, functional, and super fashionable shorts. They come in several patterns and colors and pair perfectly with our kaftans, kimonos, and kamp collar shirts.

2. Choose The Right Coachella Attire For Desert Weather

While the humidity in the desert is almost nonexistent, you’re going to encounter endless sun exposure, lots of heat, and a ton of sweat! 

For these reasons, tight clothing can be restricting, unless, of course, it’s a bralette or swimsuit-style Coachella outfit. It’s best to steer clear from super tight or thick clothes when heading to Coachella. It’s also wise to reconsider tights, non-breathable leggings, and even jeans.

If you opt for a tank-top, bralette, and short shorts, you could be in danger of some harsh sunburns, too.

That’s why loose-fitting upper garments, dresses, and comfortable shorts/flowy pants are your best options.

That said, our kaftans, kimonos, and kamp collar shirts cover the shoulder just enough to prevent constant sun exposure.

Our kimonos are often worn with a bralette, or with nothing at all. They tie right in the middle of the chest to keep things nice and covered, but the material is free-flowing, allowing you to feel cool and secure at the same time.

3. Opt For Versatile And Functional Coachella Wear

While temps reach the upper 80s in the Indio Desert during April, they drop significantly at night. So you’ll need to be prepared for cooler weather if you plan on partying or socializing into the wee hours of the night.

During the day, a lot of festival-goers prefer the “clothing optional” approach. After all, Coachella outfits, especially women’s Coachella outfits, usually reveal a whole lotta skin, and that’s awesome! But after a day of sweating in the hot sunshine, the minute that sun goes down, you’re left feeling a bit of a chill, especially if all you’re wearing is a short dress, or bralette and shorts.

While it’s not always practical to have a jacket tied around your waist, it does come in handy when the sun goes down. But does it match your Coachella outfit? Probably not.

Our fashionable kaftans and kimonos are designed as loose-fitting coverings. So even when the sun goes down, you’re still looking hip and stylish for that highly anticipated Coachella after-party.

Many people wear our kaftans and kimonos tied up during the day at Coachella, and then they let them loose at night to help provide a little extra warmth.


Where Do People Buy Coachella Outfits?

Whether you’re looking for a white dress for Coachella, specific Coachella clothing brands, or an all-white Coachella outfit (because that’s a thing, apparently)… you’ll likely want to shop around.

Sure, there are a lot of Coachella clothing websites, stores, and even independent Coachella outfit shops, but we encourage you to step out of the norm and consider other stores and shops that offer Coachella-style clothing.

That’s because some of the best clothes for Coachella aren't always found in specialty-made Coachella outfit stores. No, no, no… If you’re curious about where to shop for Coachella outfits that truly stand out in fashion, comfortability, and functionality, then you’re in for a treat…

festival style - Kaftko

The Best Clothes for Coachella

Here at Kaftko, we specialize in creating comfortable, unique, functional, and most of all, stylish kaftans, kimonos, shorts, trunks, and swim briefs.

We’re all about fashion-fluid—which means it doesn’t matter what age you are, big or small, short or tall, male or female, if you like it, then you can wear it!

For example, our kimonos are loose fitting and can be tied in the front of the chest area covering a bralette, swimsuit top, regular bra, or nothing at all. You can even wear it open if you want, we don’t judge!

And our kamp collar shirts are loved by all and worn by many! Don’t know what a camp collar shirt is? Well, just Google images of Gigi Hadid, Elvis Presley, or even Martin Luther King, Jr. and you’ll see them all sporting a camp collar shirt.

Their loose-fitting design makes them feel like you're only wearing a layer of air. So, they’re perfect for a day out in the desert sun. Not to mention, the colors, patterns, and v-necks scream “Coachella, here I come!”

As for our kaftans, well, that's the whole reason we started Kaftko in the first place. We took the traditional kaftan and turned it into a multi-functional and comfortable gender-neutral clothing piece. It’s designed to make you feel right at home in your skin, while you embrace your life joyfully!

All of our clothing items come in various colors, patterns, and styles. And you can mix and match them however you choose. Wear them at the pool, out on the town, on your next camping trip, and yes… even to the Coachella music festival!

So are you ready to step up your Coachella outfit game in fashion, comfortability, and functionality? Then explore our wide and versatile clothing collection today! You’ll be turning heads in envy as you strut across the Coachella festival grounds in your one-of-a-kind Kaftko Coachella attire.


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