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Bear Hoodie

Bear Hoodie

The Kozy Bear: The Bear Hoodie of Your Dreams

Winter has officially arrived, and that means it’s time to bust out your cold-weather wardrobe, don't you agree? It’s time to get those bulky sweaters, puffy coats, sweater dresses, fuzzy socks, and mittens out of storage. And don’t forget to add your Kozy Bear to that list.

If you don’t have a Kozy Bear yet, never fear. It’s not too late to grab one and have it promptly delivered to you right through the mail. After all, winter is in full effect and, for some of you, lasts well into April. Might has well feel joyful and KOZY up while you wait for spring.

And if you are wondering what we are even talking about, then stick around to read more about Kozy bear hoodies, including what they are, how to style one, and the best time and place to wear bear hoodies.

bear hoodie - Kaftko

What is The Kozy Bear?

No, the Kozy Bear does not have a giant bear face on the front of it (at least not the ones we’re talking about). What we are talking about is an oversized bear hoodie that is a warm and cozy piece of clothing you can wear while you lounge or when you layer up to go outside and brave the cold.

A stylish bear hooded sweatshirt from Kaftko (otherwise known as The Kozy Bear) is made from a super soft, plush teddy material that will feel like you are getting a big bear hug while you wear it. There is a silky-smooth jersey knit lining too.

Besides the plush teddy material, you can really feel like a bear while wearing The Kozy Bear when you add the removable bear ears. These ears can be easily clipped on and off the oversized hood. It doesn’t get much more fun than that!

You can get a colorful hoodie with bear ears in ten beautiful colors or leopard print. Once you decide whether you want a blue, green, purple, or red Kozy Bear (or one of the other seven options), you can then pick between short, regular, and tall sizes using your measurements and our helpful size guide.

Unlike other sweatshirts, sweaters, and hoodies lying around in your closet, The Kozy Bear has some other details we think you will like. The cut of these Kozy Bears are meant to be flowy and flattering on bodies of all shapes and sizes. And the deep V-neckline and side thigh slits will add a little extra movement (not to mention sex appeal).

You would be hard-pressed to find a mens’ or womens’ bear hoodie with all these cozy yet sexy features.

Kids can feel the warmth of a bear hug too in one of our kids' bear hoodies. These come in eight different colors and two sizes (4-6Y and 7-10Y). So, once you get your own Kozy Bear, you can grab one for the kid in your life.

How can I style The Kozy Bear?

Kaftko bear hoodies make great loungewear and outerwear, but the options don’t end there. There are several ways to rock this insanely comfortable garment.

Since The Kozy Bear is made to be loose and flowy, you can wear it inside over other clothes for extra warmth. You could also wear these bear hoodies over nothing at all. The Kozy Bear from Kaftko can be worn like a housecoat or as loungewear while you lay on your couch, get ready for a night out, or even during a playful night in.

And if you need to go outside, that doesn’t mean you need to take off your bear hoodie. You can easily layer this look. The Kozy Bear could be your fun and cozy winter coat this season paired with comfortable shoes and fun accessories.

Kids will love to run and play at the park in our Kozy Bear for kids. They could pretend to be a bear while wearing their oversized hood with bear ears clipped on, or simply enjoy the freedom and extra movement The Kids Kozy Bear has to offer.

The truth is, you can wear your Kozy Bear any way you like because it can be adapted to fit your style. Whether you think of The Kozy Bear as a bear sweatshirt, bear hoodie, or even a bear sweater hoodie doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you wear yours in a way that makes you feel great!

When should I wear The Kozy Bear?

Since Kaftko bear hoodies are made with warm jersey knit and plush teddy material, they tend to be most comfortable to wear in the winter or in cold climates (does it ever get warm in Alaska?). However, we’ll never tell you not to wear yours when it's warm. You just might get really hot, but you do you!

But since The Kozy Bear is versatile, you could use it as loungewear inside your home year-round. We even like the idea of wearing one like a bathrobe. These bear hoodies would feel pretty amazing to slip on after a relaxing shower or bath.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, a short and sweet post about bear hoodies. You now know all about Kaftko bear hoodies, how and when to rock your very own bear hoodie, and where to find one for the kids in your life. So now it’s time for you to browse our site, choose your favorite color, search for your favorite bear  hoodie, and start enjoying a Kozy Bear of your very own. For more information, click here. If you're interested in browsing all of the Kozy Bear items we sell, click here to get an order (or orders!) started.


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